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Eff'ing icey roads & sidewalks (Read 192 times)

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    Update: No stitches, but I've got one heck of black eye and it is almost swollen shut despite ice overnight and throughout the day.

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      Oh man that looks like it hurt!  Of course, that's but a flesh wound for MilkTruck.


      Blaine Moore (MM#2867)

        Nice gash!


        Beats the bloody ankles I came home with last night...I let my wife pick the trails so we wound up knee and thigh deep in ice encrusted snow.  Still a lot of fun though; can't imagine slipping on a road and hitting your head would be fun.

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          Ouch!!!  I ran in North Deering with my friend.  Those roads weren't too bad.  North Road was OK, too.  It's just getting down our private road TO North Road that's horrible.  I can't believe I make my kids walk to the bus stop at the end of the road! 

            My favorite part (okay maybe it's not right to have a favorite part of somebody else's injury, but still...) is that you thought to stop and take a pic before rushing to clean up/attend to the wound. And yeah, it's because I would do exactly the same thing heh.

            Yes, you do smell like that.