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Rt 88 Upgrade passes in Cumberland ! (whew) (Read 248 times)

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    Cumberland voters have approved a bond to repair their section of Rte 88.  What's this got to do with running you ask?


    First, this is one crappy road with no shoulders at all in many places and heavy, heavy use by runners and bikers. (the section from Falmouth to Tuttle Rd in Cumberland has many places with a 2 foot drop the road to the shoulder from washouts)


    Especially in the early fall as the ME marathon trainers start logging their long runs. Its a matter of time until someone gets nailed on a Saturday or Sunday morning.


    Second the worst parts are in Cumberland.


    Third, if the construction happens during October as currently planned...could be rough for the Maine Marathon.  (Also, if the state decides to go forward with tearing down the Martin's Point bridge during reconstruction...we're going to really be in trouble for the marathon route unless we treat it as a triathalon and swim that section.)


    Fourth...this will add pressure for Yarmouth to step up and fix their part of Rt 88, which was funded a few years ago, then deferred.

    Choosing my words carefully has never been my strength I've been known to be vague and often pointless

      I hope they fix Route 9 through North Yarmouth at some point!  Not only is it very hard to run, it's getting difficult to DRIVE on it!