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    Kevin - I was thinking it was time for a new thread too - so here we go! Hope you were able to find somewhere to get a run in. Roberta - The first mile is always tough for me, it takes awhile for my breathing to get a hang of it.. my motto is persistence not perfection - really it doesn't matter the mileage or the speed, what matters is just doing it! It took me a long time to realize that, but now I just do what I can. Eliz - thanks for the little push, I needed it.. its been cold at night & it makes me just wanna cuddle up on the couch... so tonight I put my exercise clothes on before I tucked DD in, so I was all ready to go afterwards Smile I like your version of a sick day! 3 miles total: .7 warmup walk, 2 miles run at 3.8, and .3 walk c/d I love it when I see progress everyday! more running, less walking woohoo! Deb- sorry you & DD were sick. Hang in there & do what you can, not what you want to do.. I keep thinking I need to remind you what Tom told me a long time ago: put a note on the treadmill that says "Just do what you can do" to remind me not to do too much... oh & btw, if there is any breathing component still going on, cooldowns are very important. I hope you're feeling better by now. Mike - thanks! Boy, those kids - you are a really nice guy & they are lucky. CYL!

      rindaroo - "Do what I can" - thanks for the encouragement. I woke about 4:15 this morning, couldn't get back to sleep, and so am off extra early to the Y to run. I'll do what I can!
        Linda, thanks for moving us up. The other thread was getting a little bulky. I like seeing progress everyday from all of us. Update on me...pulled hamstring. Physical therapy twice a week for 4 weeks and no running or wave machine for 4 weeks. Telling a runner she cant run for 4 weeks is like receiving the death sentence. But I am so tired of the pain so I will be good and follow her recommendation. It looks like a lot of swimming for me. Oh and my ITB is "wicked stifff". Its so bad that I cant get comfortable to sleep at night. I should have never let it get this bad in the first place. Take note deb, learn from my stupidity and let that injury heal. Laurie
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          Good morning Everyone, Laurie, I'm sorry to hear that you are on the DL. Rinda, glad to hear that you are on the road, so to speak. I put in 4 miles this morning, but I'm feeling kind of run down and tired. blah. Mike

            Laurie, I found some itb info but no time to type it right now. I will soon, no idea if it will be helpful. I was going to say to you to learn from my stupidity!! Really really pay attention to what she says & do it. I have a million links saved if you want any more information. I don't want to be negative but I want you to be prepared.... when I got this injury I researched & read that it should take 3 to 4 weeks to recover & to start back running, & I had a very hard time adjusting my mind to that, you know how hard that is. Laurie, I pulled it Oct. 2. Essentially no running since then. And I'm still not better. In my case treating a S/I joint issue at the same time probably has made it take longer, so hopefully yours will be faster, but so many people I've talked to say that it is a very very hard injury to heal. Yep, sounds like time for swimming for you. do you have a pull buoy? maybe you can heal both at the same time; the itb info definitely said you needed to take some time off too. {{{ }}] hi everybody. will catch up more later.


              Well I managed to actually get in a run this morning. Found out that there was this Frontier Museum close to my hotel and it had a nice long road into it. no traffic, but also no lights. Set out at 6:30 this morning with just enough light to see the road, just before the snow started to fall. It was a neat run. Yes really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. Almost wished the snow had come before, but got strange enough look from desk clerk as it was. Wink just finished mapping it to find out how far I went--only 2.25 miles, but it felt great to get one in. knee didn't hurt while running but is a bit sore at the moment. Have to buckle down and do exercises diligently. Teresa and Eliz--congrats on keeping ahead of the pace bunny. I've fallen a bit behind, but hope to catch up some more over the weekend. It is now snowing to beat the band here in Staunton, VA. There were a large number of school closings before the first flake hit. At least a couple of inches on the ground with prospects for several more. Very glad I'm not flying out today, but hope things will have been cleared up enough to leave tomorrow. The natives are in full panic mode. Laurie--sorry to hear that you have a pull. Do your best to rest it and heal completely. I don't think I had an actual pull of mine, just a strain, and I still know it's there after a year. I've gotten a foam roller and am working on it a little. Makes it sore right after, but seems to be getting a little better. Love to have it gone. Linda--slow and steady is going well. Keep it up! Mike and lswife--every mile counts!! being able to run when blah leads to much more pleasant runs down the road.

              We'll start with Shape UP Somerville 5K and see how a 25K trail race works.


                Laurie, so sorry to hear about your injuries! That really stinks. This is where your discipline will come in! Swimming it will just have to be. Sad I'm sure there's a silver lining to this injury thing, just can't come up with it right now. Hey Deb, Linda, Mike, & Roberta! Eliz - awesome running! Must've read something in another thread - you are really putting in the miles! Kevin, glad you found somewhere to run. It's snowing here, too, in the Dulles area of Va. My plan A was to get my run in before the snow came. But we needed groceries more than running. Plan B was to get out there before the snow started to sticking. Too late for that, too, but it was all good. I had never run during a snow storm. It was lovely. I ran gingerly and slowly for 4 miles, with the snow making that soft scrunching sound under my feet. 34 degrees and everything got very white very quickly. No wind. Huge fluffy flakes, sticking to the trees like gobs of cotton. This is our first real snow of the winter, so the kids are ecstatic. (Unfortunately I have to drive in it in a couple of hours, and Va DOT is not known for its plowing prowess.) Gotta go - Jem
                  Wow, snow in the south! Now you guys will see what we northerners go through. You might have to purchase YakTrax Pros! I bought a new pair this morning. Stumpy, good luck catching up to the bunny. I'm 7.7 miles ahead of him right now, so I'm happy. This morning I did a 4.0 mile run in 4:30. It was sunny and 19 degrees - another great running day. This run was a little easier than the one on Tuesday, thank goodness. I wore my Garmin 305 and just ran through neighborhoods next to Back Cove in Portland (Maine). This was with a running group that meets at a running store every Thursday morning. There was a 58-year-old woman who runs as slowly as I do (!), so we ran together. We lost sight of the others in the group, but just kept going. We turned one corner on a moderately busy road, trying to cross it to get to a sidewalk. Before we could cross, a pickup truck with a snowplow blade purposely slowed down and stopped next to us. He rolled down his window and said, "Get out of the middle of the street!" Well, a good day to you, too, lol. He was very fat and didn't look like he knew the meaning of the word "run." That's the first time that's happened to me! Good luck running! Be careful in the snow if you're not used to running on it. It can get very slippery. Teresa
                    Theresa, nice run. How cool that you have someone to run with. I agree that cold weather running beats hot weather running by far. It does take more preparation, though. Yeah, I was a little unsure about running on snow, but it was the right kind to run on, and I was so careful. If I fall and break a hip, my dh will kill me. Big grin Mike, nice run for you, too. 4 miles must be the magic number today.
                      LOL, excuse the typo - 4 miles in 4:30! I meant 4 miles in 48:30. Blush

                        Linda, that's great! ok, maybe I'll write that note. It's so frustrating to get all ready & then to start to hurt almost immediately. I have to treat myself like I'm a kid; I can't expect I'll stop when I should. My latest giimmick: the last few times I've run I did put on the hr montor etc, & my shoes, but otherwise ran/walked in whatever I was wearing. That way it's less of a deal & easier to stop. sometimes, anyway. Once I ran in a cashmere sweater, & jeans. Embarrassed I am feeling a little better.. I woke up Monday with a swollen jaw & a lump on my gum.. an abcessed tooth (old root canal). yuck. finally feeling better today, I think maybe the antibiotic for that kicked the sinus infection. Big grin. but DD has really been bad. thanks, I'll pass on your good wishes to her. Kevin & Jem, your runs sound like so much fun! Kevin, i hope you don't have any trouble getting home. Jem, I hope your DH doesn't kill you. hope your knees & AT's are ok. Kevin, are those the exercises you did a while ago, to balance your quads? I'm looking for some exercises for my knees. Teresa, that must have been weird. I wouldn't have known what to say! I'm glad your running is going so well. You too, eliz! roberta, what time does your "y" open? Laurie, I'm with Kevin re the foam roller! I don't have one yet, they were out when I went to get one, but I think it might be really good for the ITB. My pt thought it would be good for the hammies too. Where is yours pulled? How long ago did you do it? A book i was looking at said ITB is caused by pushing yourself too hard... your thigh muscles become tired & the knee gets a little wobbly, which then puts extra stress on the tendon. He says limit your activities to those that don't cause pain, (swimming) and not to start running till you've been pain free for two weeks, then very easy (pain free) mileage. also is recommended -- deep frictioning, & deep thigh massage to aid blood circulation. It stinks you're on the DL. I can just imagine how hard it is for you... you usually never stop. Mike, are you ok? Nice you got in 4 feeling blah, but are you doing too much or getting sick?

                          Laurie - sorry about the hammy and 4 weeks off running.. hang in there! Deb - you should write the note... there was a time I really needed it. I understand on the clothes.. but a cashmere sweater? lol Thats been part of my problem = wanting to get those exercise clothes on, I'm cold when I start so now I'm putting on a light jacket & then as soon as the walk is done - I throw it off.. The house just is so cold now.... Do you still have the same email address? I sent you an email this morning. Tonight I fell asleep with DD in her bed, so my plans for treadmilling were a little messed up.. I was going to blow it off, but then I just didn't. I did 3 miles, .7 walk w/up, 1.5 run, .2 walk, .5 run, .1 c/d walk.. interestingly enough it was a full minute faster than Tuesday's workout where I ran more. I guess I must not have walked enough or gradual enough on the warmup... at least I recognized it & did what I could do instead of pushing it & actually feel good about it. So, I guess that's the progress today - attitude not the actual workout. I'm whooped... time for shower & bed..

                            Ok Linda. I'll write it. Maybe lots of them. Got it. I sent you an answer this morning. Smile. Congratulations on your attitudinal progress. that's the hardest kind. I've noticed esp. in the mornings, when I should do my pt exercises or whatever I have in mind.. hard to put on my exercise clothes for them (cold house). haven't resorted to cashmere yet. Wink
                              "Get out of the middle of the street!" Teresa, I would have told him "shut up, fat boy". There are three things in this world I hate the most...disrespect to the elderly, disrespect to kids and disrespect to runners. GRRRR. Ok all. I agree the foam roller is the way to go. I use it at PT and it hurts but it helps. Kim and I both could use one. Just have no idea where to find one. There is one silver swimming gets better. But thats not saying much since it cant get much worse. Laurie
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                                Have you all seen this? It has all the various mileage groups on one page. Very cool. We could put together an anthology of snow-removal stories from this and other threads. I can only think of one positive story, I'm afraid. Sad Laurie, you take no prisoners! Big grin I had to run in the street a bit today, but mostly ran on the sidewalk, which varied from clean and dry to wet to crusty snow to slush. Tomorrow the slush is supposed to turn to ice, so I may have to run carefully in the street, which is not busy. 4.8 miles in the afternoon, my low-energy time of day. Hey to all and prayers sent up for you guys on the DL.