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Black Friday Daily, 11.23.12 (Read 341 times)

    good evening all! I haven't posted in the last couple days I think but am seeing a few new names here. welcome to those that are new posters here. I gather that some have left RW to come over here? what happened at RW?


    Had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday - I hosted this year and made all the food except the rolls. My mom makes better rolls than I could, so she handled that. I like traditional food for Thanksgiving, so that's what I made. just had some leftover turkey, taters and gravy for dinner tonight. turkey always seems to taste better after it's been sitting on the bone for awhile. mmmm.


    I'm not a black friday shopper, so didn't do any of that. DH just took me out for a birthday breakfast this morning and I've just been relaxing and not doing much the rest of the day. which is exactly what I wanted today. just have a down day.


    Unfortunately, I didn't even get in a run today. I was aiming for running each of the 5 days I was off work, but I just couldn't work up the motivation today. but I got in about 10 miles between Wed and Thursday. Didn't run in a turkey trot like I've done in years past, but my friend Laura and I went out for a few miles on Thanksgiving morning and then I did a few more with my dogs.


    Bailey says hi:



    and so does Bella:



      Well, the short version of the RW....self destruction....Spam invasion after spam invasion for years...almost plugged the holes...upgrade that left the doors wide open, for over a week. The entire site has 1 moderator that doesn't work holidays or weekends. Some of the forums are unusable, mainly the Beginners forum.That is the most active, or was. Over 100 BF'ers have joined a group here in the last 2 days.


      Hi, I'm Cindy

        thanks for the explanation Cindy! I hope you like it here.



          I just looked at the member list. Does DollarBill still post here? He is a RW expat.

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            Happy birthday Tammy!

              the name DollarBill doesn't ring a bell to me.


              Thanks Mike!


                Ended up working early today, so no run...


                Welcome to the new members...I still remember the Cool Running disaster...

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                  thanks for the explanation Cindy! I hope you like it here.


                  Yes, we went through the same thing when CoolRunning got taken over by We have been very happy here ever since.  The training log is especially cool, too.

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