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    There's treasure everywhere!  It's a magical world!  ~ Calvin and Hobbes


    Time to stop running and tally up your miles for the  month!  Post your mileage, any PRs or AG awards, and anything else noteworthy about your adventures this month.   Awards given for most miles, fewest miles, average, median, prime numbers, and anything else that deserves an award!  (IMHO)


    I don't have any great photos to share this month, but this is one of Ladybug on the Mountain  Lion Trail in Golden Gate Canyon  State Park:


    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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      I don't have any great photos to share this month...

      Don't let Ladybug hear you say that...

        170 happy to be running again miles!

        And I think it's a super photo.

        Thanks wildchild

        MM #5615

          Karin--you're amazing!  You come back from injury and have a 170 mile month.  I was healthy and had only 7 more than that.  Welcome back!


          I had no AG prime numbers to report...I had no achievements of any kind...but I enjoyed my month of running.


          May: 177

          2013: 949


          Thanks, wild!


            Carolyn, you did find a great photo to share this month! Thanks for continuing to do this.


            120.2 mostly racewalking miles for May. I finished 3rd in the racewalking div. of the only race (a 5K) that I did this month. I also turned 65, and I'm never doing that again!! Wink



              I think Ladybug makes a great picture! That location is pretty photogenic, too.


              And I agree, Karin barely seemed to skip a beat!


              221.4 miles for May, my highest mileage month is well over a year! And I've almost caught that pacebunny, too!


                Hi there,

                I'm new to this group.


                My May mileage was 94.8.


                I set PRs in a half marathon (2:29:50 - was aiming for sub 2:30 and squeaked by!) and 10k (1:07:41).



                PRs:  5k, 10/3/2015,  26:56;  10k, 11/26/15, 57:04; 10-Mile, 10/25/15, 1:34:50; HM, 1/10/16, 2:09:38

                  91.2 miles running in May

                  2 5k races with 2 AG 2nds


                  Thanks Wild,  nice pic and quote!

                  Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                    102 miles for May

                    513 miles for the year to date


                    Thanks, wild


                      181.4 miles @ 7:08 ave. pace

                      YTD: 995.8

                      A decent enough month for me, after being inconvenienced with a stress fracture all of April. I won 2nd place in my age group at the Bloomsday 12K, and was 4th place over-all, 2nd A/G  in our local 8-mile hill climb, setting a personal record for this climb by a full minute and beating a 4-man relay-team of young teenagers in the process.

                        106.72  I never have to worry about the effects of over training.

                        The voices in my head aren't real, but they sure have some really good ideas.

                          Karin--you're amazing!  You come back from injury and have a 170 mile month.  I was healthy and had only 7 more than that.  Welcome back!




                          Thanks, Carolyn!


                          May: 177.4

                          YTD: 967


                          PR 1600m: 5:55

                          Married off DD2 Smile


                          Welcome, oc mom!

                          Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                            109.2 miles in may; 554.0 miles YTD.  greetings all!

                            just a simple cat

                              150.7 miles   still injured so still running slowly


                              Running is stupid

                              Consistently Slow

                                17.3 Sad

                                Run until the trail runs out.

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