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    Feel weird starting this but had a easy 3 in the rain with a troubled friend. Don't know how I ended up in this situation but there I was! Anyway happy running to all that follow!!!!!  ClarkSmile

    Trails are hard!

      Well, we can only hope that running helps bring them some peace, too.  Good on you for supporting someone so soon after your loss.


      Mike--I think you picked a nice couple to be friends with.  Anyone associated with the NFL that comes across that well needs to be supported in light of that stupid Patriots guy.  Hope he catches on somewhere.


      A damp 3.1 lake loop this morning--first with the humidity and the last half with a nice rain.  The sore tendon basically disappeared on Sunday and everything felt fine.  Confused Of course I looked at my monthly graph and there's this one nice tall red one 4 weeks ago and then a whole bunch of stubby ones.  Realized that I haven't gone over 6 miles since the marathon.  I think I've got to get a race in mind and get back on track.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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        I was just wondering how a 100 mile race would look in my log - so I tried it, just for fun.  It makes a marathon look really short!   WTG, Francesca!


        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          Thanks for starting the thread runr-nut. BTW< anyone can start the daily, running or not Smile.

          I see that Tetsujin is still having fun in Japan. congrats on your run wearing those ancient sandals.

          Stumpy, good for you for taking the time to recover well from the marathon. I know I get inpatient with the recovery part. I am trying to be a good girl this time around.

          Karin, your friend is mighty strong. She looked great on the picture you share yesterday.

          MikeE, tell us about what you are learning about your new running plan.

          Spareribs, thanks for the input on the shoes yesterday. I may have to give it a try.

          Twocat, you are just too funny.


          100 miler, I don't think it is in my blood. My DH would never support it for sure and I think one can not train for a 100 miler without everyone in the household's consent. Funny, next month we will be hiking 93 miles in 10 days. I wonder if there is an ultra around Mt. Rainier.


          Last night was our annual "Walk the Talk" diabetes awareness event here in the community. A nice group of folks showed up for a group walk, and games in the park. I lead the hula hooping and sack race contest. It was fun!


          Up at 5am this morning for a walk up Kermel grade to welcome the sun. Did you guys see the supper moon last night and this morning?

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            After my short run on Sunday where I would normally go long, I decided to see if I could get 40 in this week anyway, so my daily runs will be a tad longer and I'll have a fairly balanced week, with no long run.  So 7.6 this morning puts me at 20 for the first 3 days, so I'll be okay.


            Heading off to Raleigh in a few minutes and I'll do a very short run tomorrow morning before work.


            Great recap by tselbs yesterday on the running store sale.


            RunnerNut, many years ago I was working in Sydney, Australia when I got the news my mother had passed away. So I flew home right away. On the flight from Sydney to Tokyo, I sat next to a guy who was going home because he'd just learned both his parents had died unexpectedly, so I spent the whole time comforting him.  Helped me forget my own sorrow I think.  Spareribs

              6 miles in 60F but must have been close to 100% humidity.

              Surpirsed to see my HR at 180 at one point, and I was hardly moving.  Really out of shape!

              Last Saturday, I skipped out of a race I signed up for a long time ago, then I realized yesterday, it is actually this coming Saturday, so I didn't miss it!  Yippee!

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                100 miler, I don't think it is in my blood. My DH would never support it for sure and I think one can not train for a 100 miler without everyone in the household's consent.


                My thoughts as well.


                Fly-by from work:


                6.35 miles for me this morning in 72-ish degrees and a little mist.  (humistidy?)

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                  ....32min belt




                  have been

                  encouraging a heavy guy who's been swimming about 6-months now,


                  today he said ''poolrunning is tough, huh?''

                  ''yep'' I said

                  ''then why don't you swim?''


                  ...........for a moment I thought about it,

                  then I said



                  for 32-minutes,

                  I'm not ThatOldGuyWithTheCane,


                  ,,,,,,,I'm Running Again''


                  I think he Got It


                  ...............good running guys...........Enjoy the Gift..........

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                    4.2 miles in cool 72F temps this morning [pre-dawn] in PA.  Still humid due to the torrential rains last night but compared to last running in spring. Still finished completely soaked due to humidity but beats 80-90F with humidity. Also decided to keep pace a little faster, just for the heck of it.  Or maybe because temps felt so good.


                    runr_nut: I agree with Stumpy.  It ain't easy sometimes to put our own losses aside to help others but we do.  Lost my dad in May, and DW lost her mom 2 weeks ago.  Both of us dealing with our grief, but more worried about DS and DD loosing two granparents 8 weeks.  Not to mention helping surviving parents with everything else.   Good job on the easy 3 by the way, it helps.


                    Good running to those who posted before and after.


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                      After some personal struggles I am back to running regularly again (feels good). In the last couple of months had our 10th group of 5th graders train for and complete a 5K (with a record number of teachers running too). Our running group has also branched off to another elementary school in our district, we had close to 75 kids running. I have also completed my second go 'round of the Perth (ON, Canada...Tallrunner's neck of the woods) Kilt Run. May have been my poorest race ever, but made it to the finish line. Hoping to be back on here posting with regularity. Hope folks are well.

                        steve (and Tag), I was glad to see your post(s).  I hope all is well.  fatozzig, glad to hear the new job has started.  I hope you get a handle on what needs to be done soon and  show them how good you are.  craneium, it was good to hear from you.  I hope your struggles are resolved.


                        This morning, my wife had a 7am doctor's appointment in Saginaw (50 miles away).  While she did the doctor thing, I got in a 5mile run on a paved trail along the Saginaw river.  It was about 70° and I had a 10:44 pace.  When we got home, I did another 3 miles at a 10:40 pace.  After recovering, a shower, and lunch, I had a good nap.


                        A good day and good runs for all.



                          This morning, my wife had a 7am doctor's appointment in Saginaw (50 miles away).  While she did the doctor thing, I got in a 5mile run on a paved trail along the Saginaw river.  It was about 70° and I had a 10:44 pace.  When we got home, I did another 3 miles at a 10:40 pace.  After recovering, a shower, and lunch, I had a good nap.



                          Big grin


                          30 min of core and UB strength training this morning.  Tonight'll be 6 miles with 2 speedy miles in the middle.  "Speedy," is typed and thought with tongue firmly in cheek.


                          Still digging through the piles here.  Makes me very grateful for the valuable lessons I learned at my old job.  As I did through files and clean them up, I'm incorporating some of the tricks of the trade.  We'll see how well it ends up being accepted. Joking

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                            Go Leslie Go!


                            Sounds like a dang good day Tselbs---especially the nap part.


                            Ran 10.3 miles this a.m. with 10x 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off. Raining and heavily at times, but got it done. Meetings in Hartford after that and off to NH soon for work there tomorrow and then Atlanta Thursday and then Friday is a vacation day. Racing with my team on Saturday at the Carver 5 mile race (USATF-NE Grand Prix race). roar! We'll have a full masters team there in addition to an open ladies team. I am very excited to see what we can do. The mountain ladies of my team took the open women's title on Sunday at Mt. Cranmore and I am so proud of them:




                            Look at that time compression----they ran right in a pack and held tight the whole way (Western Mass Distance Project)


                            Great to see you Craneium!


                            Enjoying the gift I am too!


                            Lots of losses all around these days it seems and reaching out does seem to allow healing in important ways. Take the time you need for yourself though too.


                              Hi all. Lots of discussions today.

                              That 100 mile bar in the log is awesome. Someday maybe but first a 50. So impressive Francesca.

                              Helping others makes me feel more alive so props to you that give so much at the highest and lowest personal moments.


                              Ran 3.1 in Atlanta this morning and going out to run with another RA peep tonight in Smyrna (Jimmyb). Love the meet ups but miss my family. I like short trips best. Make for long days but its worth it.



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                                Hi Craneium!  Good to see you!   Very cool that you're still doing the 5k thing with your 5th graders.  I wonder how many of the kids who have been through your program in the last 10 years will be lifelong runners?  I'm sure they all remember you!


                                I agree with Mariposai and Holly that training for a 100 miler requires a big family commitment, and my DH wouldn't be too happy about that.  He's been telling me he hopes I have no plans to to a 50 miler, which is the next logical step up from the 50k's I've been doing.  But on the plus side, when he agreed that I could sign up for a trail race in Sundance, Wyoming -- because it's 30 miles from Devils Tower and we can combine the race with a rock climbing trip--   he asked what the race distance was, and I told him 50k, and he seemed relieved!     For my first 50k he thought that sounded like too far, but now he's just happy I'm "only" doing 31 miles!   Maybe I can do a 50 miler by telling him he should be glad I'm not doing the 100k! Smile


                                So Tramps is running from the police and Twocat is running from zombies...


                                Shadowrunner, sorry to hear about your dad and your DW's mom.


                                I hope Dave and Jay are having greta vacations, and not missing us too much!


                                I got out semi-early for 6 miles around the neighborhood.  Then an old high school and college friend stopped by for a visit with her DH - I hadn't seen her in probably 24 years, but we just picked up where we left off.  I think the last time I saw her, we were drinking turkey daiquiris at my sister's house one Christmas...   Anyway, they're driving from San Francisco to Kansas City for a conference.  Her DH is a mountain bike racer, so I took them to Golden Gate Canyon State park, and he did a trail ride and we did a hike.  Now they've got me considering a trail race near San Francisco so I can go visit them!

                                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.