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    Arla, have a greata marathon. I had a 2nd AG way back before it was 2 Cities and ran the half several times after the trail was established.

      Waiting to hear how Arla did today. . . . . .


      I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep we got.  Love falling back!

      8 very humid and sticky miles this morning after church. Little bugs that looked like ticks with wings were sticking to my arms and trying to swim in the sweat. Ick. The mud was ultra sticky, as well. and I had to clean off the bottom of my shoes at one point 'cause they got so heavy.

      All in all, a good run, and now I need to get in a nap before the John Mark McMillan concert at church tonight.  My dad's going with me, which makes me extra happy. Smile

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      Jan 31 - Clam Beach Run (8 3/4 mile); April 4 - Peterson Ridge Rumble (40m); June 20 & 21 - Double FatAss 50k; July 25 & 26 - Lake of Death 24 Hour; Oct 10 - Dick Collins Firetrails 50.

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