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4.22.13 - Monday's Daily (Read 56 times)

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    but we're getting 5-8" of snow today and the wind is picking up.  Not complaining, no never


    I am!  I am complaining!  Ummm...who do I complain to?

      (((snow-covered runningaheaders)))


        stumpy77 fumes.  Any other questions?  Wink


        Let's see what I got today.  Twocat has confused me--although will probably be laughingly clear if explained.  Confused


        And by Carolyn's standards I will be woefully under-trained in both distance AND altitude.  Wink


        I will say thanks for all the support.  But it's the fault of all you over-achievers that I'm in this postion, anyway.


        WC--Nice 18.  You seem to be a step or two ahead of me--hoping for 18 next weekend.  Although I think I may not quite hit the ultra route.


        Night, all.

        I think I need a race..............................................


          More snow?!?!?  What time of year is it??


          I just had to pop in and say I have had NO issues in my left AT all day,  and very, very, very minor issues in my right.  Yea!!  Had a solid workout on the stationary bike (30 min total with 2-min sprints every 3 min) and a solid 30+ min core/strength training workout.  It helps to watch "GI Jane" when doing all this. Wink


          Okay - Got some typing done, now I need a nice hot shower then bed.


          Nite, Friends ~

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            stumpy77 fumes.  Any other questions?  Wink




            i am so deadly sorry Stumpy77 that we collectively have neglected to answer your genuine question about your training for your FIRST MARATHON!!!.

            You know that I already sent to you my input as a private message,

            but come on guys....

            ...shame on us all...


            our own stumpy77 requested our help for the first time in all this years he had posted and cheered us on and we neglected to give him advice!




            yes!  I am mighty disappointed too! 


            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              Relax Nancy, that was posted by Twocat. I think Stumpy is ok.


              But, I can add my 2 cents. My first marathon I did the Higdon novice plan, which had only one 20 miler, but I think an 18 and 19 miler leading up to that. And I was fine. And my first marathon was Equinox. So... I'm sure your plan will have you at the starting line in fine shape to finish in a good time. And you won't suffer too much. That's my prediction. Smile  Really, your training so far has been excellent and you're increasing your mileage very smartly. I know everyone hates it when someone says this, but you'll be fine.


              Very nice trail pics from Mariposai and Enke. And yeah, I was wondering what happened there when 'Ribs didn't comment on Enke's jacket. He must be slipping a bit. Joking


              Congrats on the 2 years for Shorty, and for Leslie. We all know he didn't do it alone.


              My DS1 is waiting in the Frankfurt airport to come home. He says he misses the cat. Ok, so we know where we stand. He's had a great time in Europe, but I think he's ready to come home, get a job and go back to classes this fall. I think this break is just what he needed.


              I ran 8.2 miles after work today. It's so nice these days (up to almost 50 and clear sunny skies) that I want to get as many miles in as I can. I know scheduling your runs based on weather and travel schedules may not be ideal, but it's what I'm going to do for now. I'm not going to let a nice Monday pass (normally a non or low miles running day) when I have travel planned for the end of the week and snow/rain mix forecast for Wednesday! Bleh. Oh well, I'll get the miles in when I can. Today's run felt good, especially after the weekend's runs, and I managed to control pace better than I normally do. Yay!

                 I saw a shooting star as soon as I turned out of my driveway, which was a nice treat. I kept my turnover rate up and had decent splits, which was also nice. It was a nice test after a week off which felt, as you likely know, like an eternity.


                Very cool


                Tag and I so want to hit Enke's trails...


                I love Jocelyn.


                Proud parents rock, Holly.


                Here's to Leslie and Shorty.


                MTA: Econo, how is Ben doing?


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                  Finished my first 18 mile run in over 18 years.


                  Very cool!


                  I went last night to a local Boston Solidarity Run/Walk event of 2.62 miles.  I made the mistake of taking DD and two of her friends, though.  The crowd was much bigger than I thought it would be, thousands by the look of it, and I spent most of my time trying to keep the girls together and in sight, a very frustrating job with DD being particularly uncooperative.  Still, it was wonderful to see the huge amount of community support and solidarity.

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                    WC--Nice 18.  You seem to be a step or two ahead of me--hoping for 18 next weekend.  Although I think I may not quite hit the ultra route.


                    Thanks. My coach has me ramping up the distance in the long run faster than I had expected, but then we're also focusing on the 12-hour race in September, not my marathon next month which will be a training run, not a race. He has me running a 19 then a 21 mile run before the marathon. I have my schedule only about 2 weeks out. Maybe he doesn't want to scare me with the full schedule. Wink  I doubt we'll do much of a taper so my schedule probably isn't going to help you. Back in the day when I ran marathons I never fan farther than 18 in training and often no farther than 16 but I was running moderately high mileage too, often 60-70 mpw.

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                      our own stumpy77 requested our help for the first time in all this years he had posted and cheered us on and we neglected to give him advice!




                      yes!  I am mighty disappointed too! 



                      No worries at all, Mari--bad copying on my part.  And I'm getting plenty of support. (Here and FB)  Thank you for the message--i'll have to see if I can figure out how to transmit my plan (it's on RA, but don't think you can see it, only the log.)


                      I'm doing a plan pretty much based on the Higdon Novice, which goes just like Erika said.  But I started with my base building early enough that when I started at race day and worked my way back, there was enough time to throw in another 20.  I didn't think I was stressing myself too much by doing that, but wanted a little assurance that I wans't.  Which I've gotten.  And I'm definitely NOT running the equivalent of the Equinox.  Beginner's nerves.  Bet taper will be interesting Shocked  So I think, all things considered, I WILL be fine.


                      And I think I figured out that TC was answering the earlier question "where will the 11.2 come from?", rather than "should I do 2-20's".


                      Leslie--Congratulations to Shorty.  Shows great commitment on his part and great support on yours.


                      Erika--you've had a busy 4 day stretch.  Very nice miles.

                      I think I need a race..............................................