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I ran, I fell, I conquered (Read 55 times)

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    An errant Fuel Belt bottle at Mile 17 felled me with a sprained ankle, but I hobbled into Boston after icing and a skillful taping in the med tent. To finish this race, on this day, in this city, was like nothing else. My sprain will heal, just as this city has, and there will be other, faster races for me.


    A friend wrote me this poem:


    . . .And say 'Yester-morrow was the Boston Marathon'

    Then will she strip her shoes and show her scars.

    And say 'These wounds I had on Patriot's day. . . '

    And runners in Boston now a-bed

    Shall think themselves accursed they were not there,

    And hold their runner-hoods cheap whilst any speaks

    That ran with her upon Patriot's day.


    My ankle swelling and bruising is subsiding.




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      I'm sorry for your fall and sprain Robin! But like the strong, 'nothing will defeat me' attitude you have, you persevered and finished that race!


      I hope you are enjoying your vacation now and not having to hobble around too much . . . oh wait - does your injury bump you to first in line for rides?? that'd be sweet!!


        Congrats on your finish Robin.    I know you really trained well for this race

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          So sorry, Robin.  Photo-documentation noted.  It was a great day.


          FO, one who "ran with her upon Patriot's day."

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            You are one tough cookie!


              A true mind-over-matter effort.



              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
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                Love your determination.


                  Ouch!  You got guts and grit, girlfriend ~

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                    ((Robin))   Heal swiftly and well!


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                      Persevering on-and-on for almost ten miles over adversity that would DNF almost any other time is a powerful definition of the "Boston Strong" that arose out of last year's events and the tradition of the Boston Marathon means.  Your toughening it out and deez's doing it for the last half are the images I'll have of Boston period, not just the marathon, from now on.


                      ps - that reddish bruising is even worse than the red lines I get sometimes from wearing thongs that are too tight. I'd like to say do like I do in not wearing thongs for a while but I guess I can't recommend you don't wear shoes.





                        DrRobin, what a bummer about the sprained ankle.  You are one tough runner to finish well after that.  Congratulations.


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                          Ouch! Hope that gets better soon.

                            ...rt//.........there are some things worth Taking The Hit..............I'm glad you got to Finish.....

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....