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The Ave of the Giants 2014 RA meet up temptation (Read 81 times)

Mustang Sally

Bad faerie



    I suppose I'd have to start running again.






      I suppose I'd have to start running again.




      and bring a now local family member with you!

      B & B Wine Cooler

        So far I'm half way in..  Got a hotel room booked.  Just have to do the registration.

        Marathon Maniac #530 Mike (My Indian name is "Runs for Beer")


          The other day when ya'll started this thread, I was wearing my shirt from the '07 marathon Tammy described.  I'm a big fat maybe this time, maybe if I can afford it, mostly.

          "Pain only hurts" -Scott Jurek

            yay opie! lots of time to just tuck away a bit at a time! Wink


              I've got a pretty sizable amount of money tucked away, just afraid to spend it before I hit retirement age.

              "Pain only hurts" -Scott Jurek

                Bump, just to tease La Tortuga and other folks

                Big grin

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


                The Dovenator

                  Geez.... I pop in to comment on Dive's bike post and I see this.  I need to do some serious thinking.... I've already signed up for Tacoma City but this is so tempting!

                  "it's just like having fun, but different"

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                    Oh! And I haven't done California yet....


                    This is the first I've seen of this thread. And I'm looking for a spring marathon at the moment. I didn't think I wanted to travel again, but this does look tempting... and beautiful... and if Carolyn's willing to run on pavement, it MUST be worthwhile!


                    Hmm, let me talk this one over with the powers that be....

                    MM #6177

                      OK, looking into lodging options today, either 14 miles south at Miranda Gardens (where Henry & Marj are staying) or 4 miles north at Redcrest Resort (a recommendation I received from someone in the MM group on FB). Haven't officially signed up for the marathon yet, but I would think I have a little time yet, right?


                      Gah, six weeks until my upcoming marathon (and seven and nine weeks until the following two), and I'm already planning a fourth??

                        OM - I've run this race 3x now (2 HM and 1 M) and usually haven't signed up until a few wks before the rates go up. I've never had issues with it being full and in fact have never even heard of it being full. I certainly wouldn't wait until the last minute because each year it does seem to get a little larger, but I don't think there's an urgency in getting signed up right away either. (the only urgency would be in getting accomodations as the area within about a 25 mile radius does fill up quickly - months in advance actually).


                        I will be there for sure although I haven't registered or looked into accomodations yet. I was thinking my whole family might go down and bring our RV and camp, but we'd really only be able to stay 2 nights and it would probably take us about 5 hrs towing, so my DH said that he doesn't really care to do that amount of driving/towing for only 2 nights, so I'll be travelling solo but do want to stay for a longer wknd depending on what others in the group have planned.


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                          Just found this video on the marathon website, from the 2012 race.

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                            Oh, why did I do California?! Oh, why did I do California?! Oh, why did I do California?!


                              Tammy, I'd like to take extra days too.   nothing specifically planned yet.

                              Mike,  geez,  you're almost old.  can't you forget?   & then take California.

                                i'm just bumping this up before it disappears on the 2nd page.


                                since i'll be coming down alone, I'm up for room sharing with anyone and/or taking an extra day or two after the race to maybe do some hiking, exploring, etc.