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4.5.13 - It's Friday! (Read 39 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Ribs, I'm delighted to pay the fine and contribute to the cause.


    At last night's monthly board meeting of one of the non-profits I'm involved with, I announced that at the end of this term (in October), I will be stepping down as president and a member of the board. I've been on the board for 10 years, and pres. for 2. (I will, however, remain as RD for the group's 5K, which will have it's 15th running this year.) Announcing I'll be leaving was a lot harder than I thought it would be - I guess they really sucked me in after all these years! I won't bore you with the details, but I'm starting another NGO in my hometown to address an unmet need that is beyond the scope of the group I'm leaving. When I talked to DW about this some time ago, she agreed that the need should be addressed, but also asked what I was going to give up in order to have time for the new effort. She was absolutely right (as she usually is), and that led to last night's announcement. So today I feel relieved that the cat is out of the bag, sad that I'll be leaving so many friends and great people, and more fired up to get the new group going.


    I got home late after the meeting, and so slept in a bit this morning, and did some stretching and core stuff instead of going for a workout. I was curious to see if my quads would again be sore after my little bit of running yesterday, and was relieved that they were fine.


    Best of luck to those racing, tapering, training, traveling, sleeping and eating this weekend! (Does that cover everyone?)


    Have a fantastic Friday!




      Hi Jay (and all that follow)


      Only "usually" right?  What happened to Always?  Enjoy the new NGO.  No wonder you're up so early Shocked


      5 miles this morning.  I was pushing my normal 40° shorts barrier at 38°, but with long sleeves and gloves, it felt just about right.  Nothing spectacular in the atmosphere--just hazy.  But I did see a heron that's not a Great Blue.  It's a lesser something or other that I need to look up.  sort of neat as I don't remember seeing one before.


      have a great weekend all.

      I think I need a race..............................................





        Best of luck to those racing, tapering, training, traveling, sleeping and eating this weekend! (Does that cover everyone?)




        I think that should pretty much cover everything! Good morning Jay, Kevin and all to follow. 40° is shorts weather? It was 35 here and I thought I was being brave wearing capris.


        I, for one, would be curious to know how much you've taken in in fines Ribs. Bet it's a bundle.


        Wow Denise. You missed your calling. Instead of being a nurse at the hospital, you should be working in their development department. Great job! That's a lot of money for a very worthy cause.


        Did a 3 hour stint at the homeless shelter this morning, then ventured out on the Fox River Trail for the first time this year. The ice and snow are mostly gone, though there are still some iffy spots. 4.37 miles in my new Sauconys, with a LOT of walk breaks. I'm always amazed at how long it takes to build up stamina and how easy it is to lose it. Felt great to be out there again though, and I'll never complain about being slow again. I'm just happy to be running.


        Have a great Friday everyone.

          Good morning all, just dropping in to make note of my run yesterday - got in a nice 10 miler in shorts for the first time this year here in Maine.  It was a bit windy but not too bad. I ran this in a 1:24 for an avg pace of about 8:28 which was fairly comfortable.  5 or 6 miles easy later today and a 13.1 mile loop with friends from my house tomorrow morning.  Next week will be relatively easy as I prepare to run Boston as a training run for the Sugarloaf Marathon May 19th which is my goal marathon this year.


          As far as discussions on non-running related issues, that is one of the best things about RA and this forum in particular.  I think it is great that as friends we can post anything and get some great feed back from people with similar interests that have gone through some of the same things etc.


          Have a great day.

          King of PhotoShop

            Just got off the phone with my Swiss banker.  Based on accumulated fine money I'm set for life.


            Jay, you sure give a lot of yourself. Good for you.


            Gorgeous day here.  Will be mid-60's for TX Rangers season home opener this afternoon.  I'll get my work done early and watch it on TV.  SpareTire is going to the game with some of his friends.


            5 miles at easy pace with my RP this morning. Each day I'm feeling just a bit fresher, so that's a good thing.  Spareribs

              Jay--folks like you are so crucial to the functioning of communities. Unglamorous, unsung, and invaluable.


              I was reading the comments about discouraging non-running posts back at CR and thinking, "I don't remember that at all."  Then I read Ribs' comment about the short-lived "banter" thread and it all came back.  "Oh yeah!"  I'd forgotten all about that. As DW tells me, my mind is like a sieve.  I can remember details about obscure things and will completely forget huge topics.  I fear it doesn't bode well for my later years.


              On Wednesday, at the end of my last quality run this cycle, I felt an odd sore spot on the top of my right foot.  Nothing big, just an ache for no apparent reason.  But then, hours later, I realized that I still felt it.  And the next morning, still there.  So, I decided to be extra-cautious and I skipped my 5-miler yesterday, opting to ice my foot and rest.  Today, I was scheduled for 10 but went out tentatively and settled for 5 as it seemed to be getting more tender as I went along.  This really does seem minor--it's not a sharp pain and the discomfort is minimal.  I'm not overly concerned, but I also don't want to aggravate anything just 10 days out from my race.  More ice today and I'll take it one day at a time.


              On the plus side, it's taken my mind off of the coming warm Spring weather that's gonna kick me in the butt.  We're supposed to be in the 80s next week.  Shocked

                The new software is in place and so far it is going good.  Good enough that I felt safe to go out and run 3 miles.

                Cyberslacking on the Procrastination Superhighway. 

                Marathon Maniac #957

                  Jay--folks like you are so crucial to the functioning of communities. Unglamorous, unsung, and invaluable.



                  I agree!  Jlynne does, too.


                  Tramps - that's being smart. 10 days out from the race, your training is mostly done.  No need to chance flaring something up.


                  No run for me today, just 30 minutes or so of core and weights.


                  Happy Friday!

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                  King of PhotoShop

                    If you have a second, please click on this safe link and see why I'm so proud of my son.  Click on SMU when you get to the page:






                      If you have a second, please click on this safe link and see why I'm so proud of my son.  Click on SMU when you get to the page:





                      Give him my congrats, Ribs.

                      Went out for 3 miles in mid 40 weather-in shorts, of course. My left knee has been giving me trouble lately but, wearing a knee brace, it felt fine today.

                      A sure pre-marathon sign was noted yesterday along Commonwealth Ave. Even with the cold weather we've been having the magnolia trees are beginning to blossom. They should be out in all their glory for the finishing runners on marathon Monday.


                        I also saw what I took to be a pre-marathon sign this morning on the road north--a truck and trailer full of porta-potties heading south. Joking

                        I think I need a race..............................................



                          Adding to the pre-marathon notes, the mile markers have been repainted in brookline and boston - and of course there are banners everywhere.  many of the runners on the charles at lunch were wearing previous years shirts.


                          i was cold in shorts at 45 (and windy), but it was supposed to be in the 50's - once again the weather forecasters lied...


                          i'm pondering the corporate challenge this year - for once we're in town.  is anyone else running this in boston on june 25?


                          have a great friday and w/e everyone



                            David had a great meet yesterday. One of the parents on the team is a professional photographer, so he got a few nice shots of David also:


                            just took the handoff as the anchor in his 4x400 relay:


                            and his long jump :




                            he wasn't happy w/his jump though. only 13'2". but running events were good. won the 3000m easily. 11.08. slower than last weeks 11.01 but had a strong headwind on the backstretch. he felt overall he ran this one with more effort, so w/o the wind I think he would have likely been 1-2 secs faster per lap.

                            had a good 4x400 also. won that with a time of 4:40.


                            Heading out for 4-5 slow mi later this afternoon. then 22 tomorrow.


                            eta: finally clicked on the link above, Ribs! Congrats to Travis! That's quite an honor Smile


                            MM #5615

                              Hello everybody!


                              Great pictures of David, Tammy.  Tell him congratulations!


                              Your son, too, Ribs--wow!


                              I didn't get home, last night until after 8:00 but went ahead and did my run--12.2 miles in 1:30:59--and didn't get to bed until 11:00.  I'm beat, today.


                              The reason I was so late was because I was at an interview for a new job.  As much as I love my current job and appreciate everything my current employer has done for me, I can't pass up more money and better benefits.  It's a much longer commute, but I'll accept the position if I'm offered it.  The interview lasted 2 1/2 hours, so I think he thought I was okay.


                              Okay--that's it.  Lunch is over.


                                If you have a second, please click on this safe link and see why I'm so proud of my son.  Click on SMU when you get to the page:






                                i'm afraid when I get to the page there are no active links for SMU (or any of the others either) Confused

                                I think I need a race..............................................