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120 Mile Relay Trail Race in WV - 4 or 8 Person Teams (Read 22 times)


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    Saw this site on Trail Runner magazine's FB page for a new series called Ragnar Trail Relays.  You can have 4 or 8 person teams.  The Ultra entry is for 4 people who each run 6 loops total.  Each leg starts and ends at central camp location, so logistics would be easy.  I've done road relays, and the hardest part was the transportation from leg to leg.


    The WV relay might fit my schedule


    Ragnar Trail Relay

      I am totally in for a 4 person ultra. I had 2 friends interested in doing the 8 person with me, but one hates camping and the other has schedule conflicts.


      Who else wants to form an ultra team?

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        I'll do it if my coach says its okay!

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          Ok, well it looks like we have 3 potentials! Only need 1 more for an ultra team...


            Got a FB message yesterday with link to Trail Guide.  For an Ultra team, each person runs 6 loops.  As a team, you can either decide to run 2 loops at a time (for 3 runs total x 2 = 6 loops)  or 1 loop a t a time (for 6 runs total x 1 = 6 loops).  If you run 2 loops at a time, Runner #1 will run Loop A then Loop B  Runner #2 will run Loop C then Loop A.  Runner #3 will run Loop B then Loop C, etc.


            Ragnar Official Trail Guide

              I think I'd prefer 3 longer legs over 6 short legs.

                Ok folks, hate to say it but I think I'm out for this one. I have a family weekend in Cape May on the books, it looks like that's the only weekend everyone can go.


                Relaxing on the beach is a nice alternative though. Wink