First 1/2 and started running wizard plan. (Read 25 times)


    My official first 1/2 times was 2:34:46. This was being trained on my own made up plan. My goal was 2:45.  My training the last 2.5 weeks up to it was very poor! I stayed with family the night before because the race was a couple hours away. When I was headed to the race I realized I forgot my garmin. So I thought I would use GPS on my cell. My charger malfunctioned on the way over and I only had 38% battery so couldn't do that. I decided to be happy with music and about mile 5 my iPhone decided it wouldn't play thru headphones anymore (some issue with the latest update) I'm actually really glad all this happened because I think I really enjoyed the race even more. i finished the last 2.5 miles with another lady and a 13 year old boy running for his mom. He had never ran past 8 miles so we stayed with him and ran/walked as he needed too.  I was trying my best to stick to my RW plan which started that day with 10.5 miles. It's been a tough last few days as far as some sore muscles the day after and dead legs the next. Needless to day my week is totally messed up as far as training :/ trying my beremedy figure out how to catch it up. Just forget  the missed workouts?

      First of all, congrats on finishing your first half! As for your training - I would recommend taking it easy until you feel recovered. Maybe start the plan this coming Sunday (I'm sure you can start at week 2, & don't worry about the missed days!)

        I am feeling the same way, just started a new plan and the mileage jump is a bit more than I can handle right now. I have decided to run the lowest mileage/time suggested for each run and back off the intensity right now for probably the rest of this week and week two and then try to take it up a notch. I definitely need a bit of working my way into the meat of the plan. Overall I don't think that making the first two weeks a bit easier is going to affect things that much

          Thank you both! That's what I was thinking. And next week should be easier because my kiddos will be out of school. I think they try to kill the parents with all the stuff that's packed in the last week.

            Congrats! I updated the info in the status chart. The entry looks like this:


            Hope and Healing Half

            May 12 2013 Half Marathon 2:45 N/A N/A

            2:34:46. Congrats! First Half! PR! Goal Shattered!

            Will start RW plan right after the Half (good "Before and After" potential)

            Good name for the race -- I hope you are healing nicely after your half!


              Awesome and thanks!! I'm trying too Smile