Back injury--grrrrrrr (Read 19 times)

Sue in PA

    So I hurt my back this past Tuesday, to the point where I couldn't walk, couldn't sit, everything I did hurt.  Osteopath put me on prednisone because of the severity of the inflammation in my lumbar region and I've also been for 2 chiropractic adjustments this week and had acupuncture on Friday (L5-S1 joint is one of many places I have osteoarthritis in my body and my back likes to go into spasms whenever it feels like it).  I'm now to the point now where I can walk with minimal pain, and I went out for 1.5 miles yesterday and 3 miles today, walking only.  The walking helped loosen things up a bit and it felt so good to be outside, even though it was bloody hot out there.


    I absolutely HATE not being able to get out and move. Angry I had to skip Wednesday, Friday, and yesterday's runs.  I'm hoping I can start back up tomorrow with my program, and am going to be working at the slow end of the ranges for the next week or so.  Not necessarily a bad thing...


    The lesson for me with this is that I have to keep up with my core-strengthening exercises.  I've slacked off on them since the beginning of the year.  Don't want to have to go through this again.