Long run question (Read 37 times)


    I'm having trouble with the search function and not finding what I want so links to previous threads would be fine. I started my 24 week HM Training yesterday and in generating the plan, I entered in a one hour LR time. My plan has my longest run at 1:55:00 fourteen weeks out from the race. I'm a little unnerved as I expect the half to take me around 2:30:00. How is that going to prepare me to run for two and a half hours when for three months prior to the race I run less than half that time per run? Does it have to do with cumulative leg fatigue based on the runs that are on consecutive days? I'm sorry for asking a question I know gets asked over and over.

      you are looking for the "Longest Long Run" thread on page two...sorry, don't know how to link it here!


        Thank you!