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    I thought that I would start a thread to get some idea of who is here and what sort of goals we all have.


    To start,  I am a mid forties runner that came back to the sport in 2009 after an 18 year hiatus due to a non-running induced knee injury.  Realizing that I was putting on weight and losing fitness, I decided to go back to the sport that I used to love and see how the knee behaved.  4000+ miles later…….so far so good.  When I was in high school, I was a lazy member of the cross-country and track teams, and never really realized my potential.  PRs from that era include a sub 5 mile and an 18:22 5k. 


    After a few months of running again, I started looking at races.  A 5 miler lead to a half marathon which lead to a marathon in less than a year (perhaps a bit too fast).  Along the way, I tried a couple of different training methods (RW Smartcoach, FIRST, self-designed) with some success but honestly I think that any running would have made me faster given 18 years of no running at all.  After a disastrous second marathon (Chicago 2011), I posted here about my bad day and asked for advice.  Many of the more seasoned runners looked at my training and offered some thoughts but it was Nobby that really cut to the heart of the matter and directly questioned my entire training approach.  Given some time for reflection, I realized that he was correct and opted to try the Lydiard method for the recent Philly Half Marathon.


    My experience with Running-Wizard has been very positive.  There is a good variety of runs that build fitness over time to a point where it all comes together.  I think that Lorraine Moller referred to the process as “Magic” in a recent post and I have to agree.  There is an overall  flow to the plan that was missing from my previous training.  The building blocks of solid running fitness are slowly assembled over the 24 week cycle to the point where you are truly in peak form for race day.  I found myself on race day running faster than I ever have on my way to a negative split PR of 9.5 minutes.  Thanks to this plan, I now know the difference between just surviving a long race and being able to race the last half.


    For next steps, I plan to train for a 5K in the late spring using Running-Wizard and I am considering running Philly again next year to see if I can race a good marathon.    I look forward to a good discussion in this group from other people using Running-Wizard.


    One more thing:  I live in NYC in Tribeca if anyone else in this group also lives in NYC and is ever looking for a running partner.

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      I used Running Wizard this year for a half-marathon in May and used it again for basebuilding for my second marathon, which was to be in November (though it didn't happen).  I'm just going to be lurking for the most part, but wanted to say hi anyway, and good luck to everyone with their training goals.

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        I'm a female in my late 40's and returning to training after almost 20 years.  (inbetween life happened: injuries, moving back to USA, full time job, sick parents, marriage, kids, other interests, etc.)   We have a new running club at work and the club is focusing on the St Luke's half marathon and 5K in Allentown, PA in April.    I just downloaded a half marathon training plan from running wizard.    This will be my first "serious" race in over 20 yrs.  Serious, meaning I'm actually going to train for it!  My previous half marathon PR from way back when was 1:20 and change.  I figure I can set my masters PR in April since I've never run a half marathon as a Masters. 


        My instinct is to rush quickly into speedwork, but I'm trying to relax and follow the plan for my current level of fitness (such as it is!).  


        I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but will try to contribute to the discussion.


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          Hi All! I haven't actually bought and used a running wizard plan yet, but am planning to in the spring to prep for a fall marathon in October (Columbus Ohio). I am trying to figure out what to do in the meantime. I have been running for about 2 1/2 years and pretty much have done the same thing week in and week out since I started. I run six miles four days a week and a long run on the weekend. Sometimes I do an interval workout, sometimes I throw in a tempo paced run. I don't do specific hill workouts since where I live (in Kansas City) is extremely hilly.  I have read and based most of my "so called training" on Jack Daniel's Running Formula, but I have never purchased a plan or followed one to a "T"


          Looking forward to chatting with everyone about their experiences and getting started on my own plan as well! Good luck to everyone!

            I am 47 years old and from Denmark. I have been running in a structured way for about 11 years and read tons of books on running. My fastest marathon was back in 2004, 3.08, following a Jack Daniels plan. I really hope to break the 3-hour barrier in May next year; the volume in the plan is definitely higher than what I have run before and the pace is slower.


            JML, excellent initiative with this group Wink


            Let's hope that we all turn into being aerobic monsters.

              I thought I had taken a long break from running (about 15 years or so), but I see there are 18 and 20 year gaps by others in this group.

              I ran my 2nd marathon in 1996, where I hoped to break a PR from my first (1994). I trained much harder for the second one, but had no clue what I was doing. I overtrained, cramped up badly, limped to the finish, and decided I was done running.

              Then, someone recommended the book, "Born to Run," and it really made me want to give running another try.  I eased very gradually into barefoot-style running and also started to read about training techniques. I began to enjoy running more than I ever did in Jr. high or high school, or any other time. 

              I'm now 47 and recently ran my 3rd marathon (2012 Twin Cities Marathon). I felt great, finished strong, but felt that I still have room to improve, and as long as it stays fun, I'll keep at it. I look forward to starting the Running Wizard program January 6th with a goal race at Grandma's Marathon June 22. 

              Please share your notes, thoughts, ideas. I've learned so much from others here.

              Thanks and best wishes,


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                SubDood: Just like you, I try to do a lot of my running in minimalist shoes. Right now my favourite shoe is NB  Minimus R00 but due to the weather conditions in Denmark with slippery roads and snow, I use some old shoes that are somewhat heavier because of them having a better grip on the surface.


                I had a look at your profile and the phote of you. Here it looks as if you are a heel striker (dorsiflexion) and that the foot will be landing in front of the body instead of under your body. My analysis could be wrong but if you haven't done it, try to have a friend take a video of your running style, so you can check if my assumption is correct. If you, in general, are injury free, it may be fine to retain your running style because if it ain't broken don't fix it Wink 

                  SubDood: looks as if you are a heel striker (dorsiflexion) and that the foot will be landing in front of the body instead of under your body. My analysis could be wrong but if you haven't done it, try to have a friend take a video of your running style, so you can check if my assumption is correct. If you, in general, are injury free, it may be fine to retain your running style because if it ain't broken don't fix it Wink 



                  You are probably right about my form. All I can say is that I am much LESS of a heel striker than I used to be. Also, the photo was taken in the last 100 yards of a Half Marathon, so my old habits may have returned as I "kicked it in" to the finish.

                  I ran in snow today for the first time in about a year. I wore Brooks PureGrit trail running shoes, and they seemed to work just fine in the white stuff. Up to 4 more inches are expected tonight, and I plan to run a 13-miler tomorrow. In the snow, I find that it is very important to run with short strides, higher cadence, forefoot striking pretty much directly underneath my body -- maybe this will help in further refining what I believe has already been a big improvement for me. In warmer weather, I wore Vibram FiveFingers for the vast majority of my miles, and switched to Saucony Kinvaras for races and longer training runs. I have been injury-free for well over a year, and I believe that my changed running style is the main reason. But if it can be further improved, I'd be open to trying to do so.

                  Thanks for the gait analysis. And for using words like "dorsiflexion."  Smile


                  Drink beer. Mostly ales. Sometimes stouts.

                    Hi Everyone Smile


                    I started running in July last year (never having run before) with the c25k programme, it was really hard but I loved it and have run two 5k races since completing it.  I crashed and burned in the first 5k race (32.28) and did OK but not as well as I thought I could in the second (31.23).  Even though my race experiences where not that positive, I love to go out and run in the mornings and I feel like it is something I can do long term. I would love to do a marathon in the future and there is one in Kobe in November that I am considering.


                    So why the Wizard? Well, I can motivate myself to get out and run a few times a week but I feel like some structure will help focus me on my running more, as well as keep my motivated long-term.  I read the suggestion on a RA thread for Christirei to complete the 5k programme before beginning the marathon training and yeah that sounded like something that would work for my ambitions too so here I am (thanks Christirei for asking the question!) signed up for the 5k programme over 22 weeks and I start tomorrow!

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                      Awesome! There is another tread in this group about some of us who are using the 5K plan from Running-Wizard. I am only doing a fourteen week program so I have like one week of building and jump right into harder workouts! I'm excited to run with a plan again, since my marathon last April I have pretty much just done whatever and mostly just put in easy miles. I definitely floundered around a bit in December, so with this new year i'm glad to have a plan in place and goal in front of me!! My plan predicts a 21:03 5K time...which seems crazy! but I'm excited to try for it

                        Thanks Christirei, I will check out the other thread.  Wow, a 21:03 5K time! That would be amazing!  I will be happy to get under 30:00... Good luck and I look forward to hearing how things with the plan go for you. Smile

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                          Hi everyone! I just joined this group because my running wizard plan started yesterday and I'm all excited Smile Just a quick introduction: I'm 36, female, spent last year getting back in shape after having my son in Oct 2011, and I'm training for a 25km race on May 5th. So I bought the half marathon plan and assume the extra 3.9km will come easily on race day. I'm really looking forward to this training cycle, especially the hills as I've never done systematic hill training before. When I read Running with Lydiard, I knew I wanted to try his system but the book wasn't that much help in making a realistic plan, so it was great to discover the RA forums and learn of running wizard. (What a great resource Nobby has been here. Wow.)


                          Uh, that's it I guess. My plan says I should be out running 7.5 km now, so I'll get to it!


                            Hi all:

                            i'm 39 & have been running for 6 or 7 years.  I prefer running for running's sake (versus for races) but I do like seeing how my fitness has improved over time (or has declined) through race feedback.  "way back when", when running wizard was in its free beta stage, I used it to PR a half marathon (1:54:something  from 2:01:something)  and was really delighted.  I, like some of you, was kinda confused by the terminology and did my best to stick with it as best as I knew how (including some very funny hill bounding).


                            I decided to use it again to run my first - and last- marathon and unfortunately, I was a disaster at the race.  My IT bands of both legs both started twinging at mile 8 and it was a colossal clusterf*ck for the last 18 miles (Frankenstein's legs bent more than mine). My time was so bad, (5+ hours) that I swore NEVER to run a marathon again.  2 years later, and I'm contemplating stepping on the plate for another fall marathon and though I think RW has great points, I don't think it prepped me enough for the distance of 26.2.  Since I'm not fast, my weekend long runs at aerobic pace took me no more than 16 miles (if I followed the schedule appropriately).  I added some distance (and time) to get up to at least 18 miles for 1 of the longest runs.


                            Did I follow the plan to a T? No- so i'm not a good case study.  I "noodled"  somewhat and also I blame myself for not doing more core stuff which, for me, seems help with my reoccurring IT issues.  I'm interested in doing to 24 week marathon plan but, quite frankly, scared of committing the time to the program, though I have to redeem my last dismal marathon effort.  I am training for a 20K now in march with Hidgon's  intermediate plan and after that, I'm running the Brooklyn half - to late to start the wizard!-  and don't know which plan, if any, I'll be using.

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                              I just picked up an 18-week marathon training plan to help me prepare for Western States 100 at the end of June.

                              (Starts in another week - hopefully giving me time to recover a bit from my last race.)


                              Started running almost 4 years ago, specifically because I was interested in running long ultras. Of course, I did too much too soon ...

                              I've spent the past year+ running Maffetone style (all LHR except for 1 half and 1 full marathon) and have seen some nice improvements - 21-minute marathon PR (3:35 down to 3:14) and injury-free.


                              Now, I'm excited to start working through a range of efforts in a well-organized manner to see what that may bring.

                              Of course, I'll be modifying things a bit to ensure that I get the race-specific training I need for a "tough" 100 - but, I think the underlayment of Lydiard training will suit me well.

                              I'm also planning to do another Lydiard marathon cycle (for real!) to prepare for a goal marathon at the end of October.


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                                Welcome runharrietrun, sixelagogo and Buzzie, looking forward to hearing about your progress! Smile

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