Lessons learned from my first RW cycle (Read 48 times)


    1. I need to get more sleep.

    2. I need to vary my routes, especially the long runs.

    3. I need to input the Rest Indicators consistently.

    4. Not related to RW, but I need to work on eating better.

    5. I need to incorporate a core strengthening routine into my schedule.

    6. I need to work out my priorities. Running may be too high on the list.

    7. I need to determine if I need to incorporate stretching into my routine.


    I think that's all I have for now. It's not intended to be a "complaint" list, but things I can improve on. I should probably work on one improvement at a time.

      ditto to most of this! 6 is heresy of course, and I already stretch, but the rest sounds familiar Smile


      I think I learned that if you are going to sweat the details, make it the right details, I.e. Sleep/recovery/heart rate instead of "omg I only did 8.8 km instead of 9!"


      Also, not all millet is your friend.