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    I am here Big grin


    I've been running sort of consistently for the last year, after discovering that you can run on trails! Tried a 50k last May based off a few long runs and lots of intense cross-training and failed pretty miserably. I started trying to focus on more mid week miles over the summer and through the fall, but working part-time at Fed-Ex loading trucks 20 hours a week left me pretty exhausted. I quit at the end of December and suddenly found myself able to run comfortably every day and the weekly mileage skyrocketed. About the same time I decided I needed to figure out how to train properly (ie not just run around enjoying the forest at an easy pace, walking whenever I felt like it) if I wanted to get faster. So I got a Running Wizard plan set up for a race in May (yup the same one I bombed at last year).


    I'm not following the plan exactly, but I am trying to follow it in a general sense. I am running more miles than suggested and longer times. When I set up the plan I thought running 5 days a week would be a stretch for me. But I seem to feel better running 7 days a week (or nearly 7, sometimes life happens). All of my runs are on hilly trails so I basically ignore the paces, and try to run by effort level. So far incorporating the fartleks and out and backs has really helped me branch out into different effort levels.


    I'm running the Cheaha 50k feb 23rd. So I am currently in taper mode. After that though I get to start hills! Woot!


    It probably wasn't the best idea to start the plan in December for a May race with a 50k scheduled in February but I really wanted to get some guidance on how to vary my training. And it is the May race that I really want to peak for.

    Mt Cheaha 50k 2/23/2013:  7:34 :D

    Lake Martin 50; 27 miles: 5:29:07

    Run For Kids 50k, Birmingham, 5/4/2013: 6:26:33 Woot!

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      Hi, I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Esther, and I'm not following the RW plan per se, but have a coach that's guiding and adapting the Lydiard marathon plan for me. My goal is to break 4 hours at the Colorado Marathon on May 5 and BQ.


      I'm just starting the interval phase this week. I haven't done any sort of formal speedwork since parting ways with my previous coach. He had me running short and fast distances on the track every week last summer, even though I was training for a marathon (NYC, which then turned into Harrisburg, PA the week after). His claim was that I needed to work my weaknesses (speed) rather than my strengths (tempo), but that left me very ill-prepared for the marathon come November. I did, however, have some pretty decent PRs in my 5k (24:34) and half marathon (1:56:07) leading up to my goal race. Now that I'm following the Lydiard plan, under the guidance of my new coach, I've become quite an expert at the long slow distance once again (ha).


      Hope everyone's training is going well.

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        Hi, Esther!

        Looks like you're well on your way to that PR and BQ with a bunch of consistent mileage Smile


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