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    just got my plan, tonight is my first easy fartleks run, so I am so glad to see this info. I have to figure out how to do this on a treadmill, I've sort of maybe tried doing it a couple of times outside in the past ... But didn't have daylight to run outside today.  So treadmill it is.  Maybe i'll do recovery during a show and the speedy play during commercials? Any suggestions?

      I do fartlek runs on my treadmill and it really is whatever you want it to be. I do sometimes run hard during the commercial breaks and recover during the "show"   or sometimes I will alternate between a short hard effort followed by a long recovery and then a longer more sustained effort followed by another long recovery and go back and forth like that. There is no pressure on this workout, it really is what you want/need it to be for that day. Just relax and have fun with it!


        My fartlek runs vary a lot, depending on how my body feels and my mood.  Sometimes I use visual cues (run fast until the next white mailbox), sometimes audio cues ( I call these "iPod fartleks" -- fast for one song, recover for 2 songs), but usually body cues -- run fast until I feel like I want to slow down, then recover until I want to go fast again.


        I didn't have many "fast" portions in my fartlek run yesterday.  It was hot and I was on a hilly course.  I pushed the effort a few times to increase my breathing / heart rate, but I bet when I look back at the data there wasn't much pace difference.

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          My fartleks end up like that sometimes too! Sometimes i am running the easy part much more than the fartlek part Smile

            My fartleks end up like that sometimes too! Sometimes i am running the easy part much more than the fartlek part Smile

            Ditto!  When I read the words, "Easy Fartlek," I believe it translates literally into "EASY speed PLAY."  (Did I get that to work correctly?) In other words, any "speed" portions are only as fast and for only as long so that the overall workout still feels "easy" and "play[ful]."

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              I was tired today and my recovery indicator told me "train don't strain" my fartlek consisted of almost all easy running and 2 strides. Thanks for helping me realize this was ok Smile

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