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    Great job, Christirei!! The last 10k sound really painful. Good for you for not stopping to walk; the temptation must have been huge.


    At least one burning question still needs to be answered: What did you end up wearing???


    Also, it seems like you didn't take any gels or other "fuel" (gah I hate that word...) during the race - do you think that might have helped with the cramping? I honestly have no clue, it's just something I wondered while reading.


    And how are you feeling now? Any DOMS?

      Just left out that info! I did take two gels, they were only offered twice on the course, at 9.5 miles and at 15.5 miles. I kind of wish they were offered more often, but i also hate to carry stuff so I didn't bring any with me. At mile 23 they had bananas and oranges and I tried to munch some banana bites, but it was mostly just to take my mind off the pain and think about something else. I did alternate water and gatorade and they had more than enough fluid stations. And the volunteers were sooooo great!! Our names were printed on our bibs so they called out our names and were really encouraging even as we were splashing water all over them!


      I ended up wearing shorts and tech t-shirt, but I grabbed a pair of my hubby's socks as we were heading out the door and sliced open the toe. at the corrals i wore them like arm sleeves and kept them on until i felt warm, about five or six miles in i think. thank goodness i did that, otherwise I would have been frozen solid!!


      Feel pretty good. One good sized blister on a little toe that isn't horrible. some soreness going up and down steps and standing/sitting down but it's manageable and i don't think it will last much longer. definitely not the completely torn down feeling from the first time i attempted a marathon. in fact, i even feel like going out for a jog today, but my hubby is leaving for work and i don't think i'm motivated enough to jog on the treadmill...probably will wait til the weekend and just enjoy a week of sleeping in! I have gotten up out of bed at four thirty in the morning almost every morning since mid-May - sleeping in til seven for a week sounds like heaven!!

        Really great work, Christirei. Training definitely paid off. Congratulations.

        "So many people get stuck in the routine of life that their dreams waste away. This is about living the dream." - Cave Dog

          My training is winding down; I am in the middle of my taper right now with my goal race just a week away.


          I went out this morning for a 5k "time trial" because I was too cheap and lazy to go run a race.  The RW plan says that I should try to run that in 24:42, or about 30 seconds faster than the 5K that I ran in June.  That was the race that I used to setup the plan.


          It was cold this morning.. 39 degrees with 12MPH winds gusting to 20MPH.  This is exactly the kind of weather that I hate!  Chilly and windy, but not chilly enough to be really bundled up, and too windy to dress down.  I set the Garmin up for a warmup, 3.1 mile interval, then cooldown.  The warmup wasn't long because I figured my legs would start to cool off after going outside!


          I started off running at a comfortably fast pace, and noticed after about a 1/2 mile that I was running a 7:46 pace.  That sounded fast.  I decided to try to dial the speed back a little bit, but I was still near the 7:50 - 7:55 range each time I looked at my watch.  I felt like slowing around the 2.75 mile mark but I managed to hang on and finished the time trial in 24:20 for a 7:51 pace.  That was 48 seconds faster than the 5K I ran in June, though still 30 seconds off my PR (Maybe I can hit that on my turkey trot in a month, in a real race setting?).


          So I decided to see what speed McMillan predicts for a half marathon based upon this time trial - 1:52:40.  And what did Running Wizard predict at the start of my plan?  1:52:28.  Wow.  It seems that my training has all come together.

            Well, after running three practice races on consecutive weekends, and injuring my right foot slightly in the 5k last weekend, I opted for a different approach and did my own 5k time trial this morning on some local streets.  Result was a time of 21:40, not my best, but acceptable.  It was my first attempted time trial and felt odd to be running at such an aggressive pace for that distance outside of the context of a race. Not sure what is wrong with my hurts more when my shoes are off after a run than during.  The pain is in and around the pad beneath my pinky toe.  Feels like a bad bruise that won't go away but there's been no swelling.  Hopefully the issue will be gone by the time I run my goal race in a couple of weeks.  I'm really looking forward to an 8 mile trail run I have planned for tomorrow.  A nice change of pace, some nice fall scenery and less impact on my foot ( I hope!)


            P.S. Good run perryw, especially in those less than ideal weather conditions.


              Not a bad time trial for you, slothful.  This was the first time I've ever really tried a "time trial" and it was strange, indeed.  Nevermind that the nasty weather had everyone inside (only saw one dog walker, and I stayed inside my neighborhood), but pushing myself while I was all alone did seem weird.  Seeing how closely the McMillan calculator comes to my RW predicted time is pretty neat... that's all theory, so now all that's left is for me to have a good race next weekend.  I'm still nervous about maintaining 8:35 for 13.1 miles, but at least I know I'm ready to do it on paper.


              I've lost a bunch of weight since last winter and I've been shopping for smaller cold weather clothes.  My windbreaker has a ton of extra fabric around front, and my long sleeve shirts are real baggy now.  Time to warm up the credit card!  I'm also thinking of trail shoes so I can play in the woods this winter.. did a couple trail runs during training and had fun.

                Perryw --  Glad I'm not the only one who finds time trials to be a weird experience.  I got a couple of funny looks from passers by when I did the final sprint towards the imaginary finish line, LOL.


                Yeah, that need to shop for smaller clothes is a great problem to have.  I loved doing that.  I saved a couple of XL T-shirts that I used to wear back in my sedentary, fat years.  When I put them on now, it's amazing how enormous they seem since I wear a size Medium now.


                Best of luck with the HM race next week.  It sounds like you're ready for it.   

                  Nice work, perry and sloth. I like doing the time trials, and the weird looks don't bother me too much anymore. Or maybe I don't notice them anymore.

                  I hit a nice milestone today -- 2000 miles for 2013. I've never run that many miles in a year before, so it's kind of cool. I also started my buildup in mileage for my next marathon training cycle, which starts in about another week. This month was threatening to drop below 100 miles for the month, but with the buildup, I was able to keep a "streak" of sorts alive. 2013 has exceeded my running-related expectations, and I'd like to sustain some momentum as the year comes to a close.

                  I'm reading "You (Only Faster)," by Greg McMillan. He's a Lydiard disciple, and the book is well-written (in my opinion, at least), so most of it is consistent with what I've learned from Running Wizard. However, the focus is more about modifying and optimizing a training plan for individuals based on a self-assessment of your running type. In the end, it may not change how I use the RW plans much (if at all), but it is a good read.


                  Any racers with reports?

                    Seems like everyone is having a pretty good fall so far! Good races, good training, easy tapers. JML is running New York City this weekend right??


                    SubDood, congrats on hitting 2000!! that's awesome. Amazing to think you are going to start your Boston training in only a week. Most of my friends and family are not runners and have limited knowledge of the sport, so it's been funny talking about my marathon with them. Once I tell someone that I ran a BQ time they all ask if I am going to run it this spring!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHA   I wish  Wink  I am looking at running the 2015 Boston but still have to convince my husband it is worth the trip!


                       JML is running New York City this weekend right??



                      Well.....attending the marathon might be more accurate.  I will be running it in support of the team that I coach and fund-raise for, and will likely pace some of my first time marathoners.  One of them has had some injury trouble so I probably pace her to make sure that she gets over the finish line safely.  My goal race is Philly on November 17th so I am going to run NYC as a (very) long jog.   I plan to high five every kid that I see on the course and just enjoy the day.  It is kind of odd to go to a race without the intent to run for a time but i am not complaining.  I will be at the expo at the charity booth (Team Shoe4Africa) on Friday in the event that any other forum members are coming to NYC (jerseyrunner?).


                      Disclaimer:  Two marathons in 14 days is a stupid idea.  As a Lydiard coach, I should (and do) know better.  If I wasn't committed to the charity, I would not be doing this.  That being said, this is an interesting experiment for me and will test my recovery abilities before Philly.


                      SubDood - another great book about Lydiard style training is "Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard".  Nobby and Lorraine use this book during the certification class and it is an excellent read.  Congrats on 2K by the way.


                      Shameless fundraising link for the charity:

                      More about Shoe4Africa:

                       2015 goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                        Nice work, perry and slothful! I took the race route and had a good tune-up 5k last weekend. I decided to run in a local race instead of attempting a time trial on my own since the park where I like to do time trials was hosting a race anyway. I didn't hit the RW predicted time, but didn't expect to (that would have been 26 seconds off my PR). I did come within 14 seconds of my PR time from last May and it was good for an AG win -- gotta love these local races. The course measured a bit long on my Garmin (3.13 miles) and if I calculate my time based on an exact 3.1 mile course, it would have been a few seconds below my PR. So all in all, a good race and a confidence booster.


                        Also had a good 1-mile up tempo run this morning. I'm not sure how this short, fast running will help me in the marathon, but it does make my MP seem easier. Not sure if I'll feel the same way around mile 20.


                        I'm planning to get to the Expo on Friday -- Saturday will be too crowded. I'll look for you, JML!

                        2015 goals

                        1800 miles; 5k < 25:00; 10k < 51:00; HM < 1:55; finish a 70.3 Half Ironman



                        NYC Half Marathon 3/15; Unite Half Marathon 4/12; Escape the Cape Sprint Tri 6/14; NJ State Oly Tri 7/19


                          The NYC marathon would be a classic case of good news / bad news:


                          Good news - One of the runners that I coach using the Lydiard approach took his PR from 3:12 to 2:57.  It was a tough day to run in very windy conditions and he ran an incredible race with all splits within 7 seconds.  Simply an amazing performance.  Many of my other runners had solid days as well:


                          -first timer running a 4:10 with a second half 6+ minute negative split

                          -first timer coming off a stress fracture 14 weeks ago and running a 4:10 on a very customized program

                          -first timer running a 3:26


                          Bad news - One of the other runners that I coach came into the race with bad tendonitis.  With Doctor's clearance, we set out on a plan to run / walk our way to glory for this runner's first marathon.  The injury trouble started at mile 8 and took hold in earnest at mile 14.  The result was power walking the last 8 miles of the course to guide this runner to the finish line.  I am very proud that they finished but am less thrilled by the 6+ hours that I spent on my feet.  Time will tell what this does to my race in Philly.

                           2015 goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                            JML, I was wondering how your group fared on Sunday -- seems like mixed results. Some really solid performances, though! Too bad it was such a long day for you. Since you were walking or running easy most of the time, it may not affect Philadelphia too much. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the day and high five lots of kids along the course.


                            Will you be manning a booth at the Philly expo? I couldn't find the TeamShoe4Africa booth at the NYC expo.


                            SubDood, congratulations on reaching 2000 miles! Boston training already?I plan to start my training after the Philly HM on Nov. 17. I'm following the advice I read somewhere about what to do after a marathon:


                            1. Tell all your friends and family that you will return to your normal self and promise them that you will never do anything so stupid again.

                            2. Register for your next marathon.


                            Looks like Nov. 16-17 is another big race weekend!

                            2015 goals

                            1800 miles; 5k < 25:00; 10k < 51:00; HM < 1:55; finish a 70.3 Half Ironman



                            NYC Half Marathon 3/15; Unite Half Marathon 4/12; Escape the Cape Sprint Tri 6/14; NJ State Oly Tri 7/19


                              Thanks Jerseyrunner.


                              It was a pretty good day for us.  A total of 64 runners started and finished for Shoe4Africa, and we raised a significant sum for the charity.  Other than finishing the day feeling very cold, I cannot complain.  The legs are a bit creaky after 26.2 miles even though I walked more than I ran.  The real test will be the short O+B and the time trial this weekend.   How I feel during these runs will guide my time goal for Philly.  The 3:05 quoted by RW is off the table but I think that I should still be able to have a pretty good day.


                              The expo in NYC was insane.  I actually had trouble finding our booth on Friday even though it was fairly large.  We have a corporate sponsor (Pepsico) that provided the booth and also handed out free samples of snack products.  As a result, we had a lot of interested people.  In my experience, the combination of 'free' and 'food' is a siren call for runners.


                              No booth in Philly.....this race is all mine.  NYC is our big annual event although we are talking about fielding a team for the NYC half in March.  If anyone is interested in getting into this pretty cool race, let me know and I will save a slot for you if we decide to put a team together.

                               2015 goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

                                I'm bored, you guys. I'm tired of noodling along building my aerobic base (or, uh, maintaining my aerobic base - not like I've really been challenging myself lately) and I need a new goal. And now it's winter and there are no races until next year and soon it will be all icy and snowy and we won't be able to train properly anyway...So what did I do just now? I googled fall marathons in 2014. Munich is on October 12th. And it only costs like 70 euros (Berlin is close to 100, I think, so 70 is a total steal.)


                                Send help....