Is soreness normal? (Read 33 times)


    I'm using a 5K plan essentially for the purpose of building up the length of time I can run without a walk break. When I started the plan in March,  hadn't run more than 3 minutes at a time before a walk break. Nobby helped me select a program starting out with a 30 minute long run. It's been many weeks now and I still feel slight soreness after some of my runs. It isn't pain and doesn't stop me from running my next run as planned. Is it normal to have soreness? Am I pushing too hard? I haven't done the RI, so now that I feel sore, is it too late to start? I apologize in advance as this feels like a stupid question.

      I would start the RI now, but I think it takes a few days (5?) to get enough data to have enough for a baseline, recognizing this baseline isn't when you started. Change is the big thing.


      I think you still have to monitor the way your body feels, esp. any fatigue (muscle deadness) or sharper feeling (DOMS=delayed onset muscle soreness). Many people will feel some soreness for awhile while others adapt faster.


      I'll have to confess that my legs will complain a long time before the RI moves, and I don't always remember to fill it in (thanks for the reminder). A lot of that is just running on hills, etc (and being older).  Granted, I have trouble remembering when I went to bed, so don't know how long I slept when I get up (when I wake up). And usually any shortness of sleep is a result of staying up late working on a project and having a morning meeting. (only thought I was retired)


      Sounds like you're making good progress, and your log looks nice and steady. Good work.

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        Yep, I think some soreness is normal and not necessarily something you need to worry about. Just monitor it. i experience some soreness, not doms, just slight soreness, whenever I start doing something different in training. More mileage or faster runs or whatever.


        Recovery  indicators are a good idea - even just the fact you're keeping track of them can make you more aware of your body's recovery needs.


        agree that your log looks solid! Nice work right there.


          +1 on using the recovery indicators.  This will help you to differentiate normal soreness due to training from something that indicates that you should take a rest day.

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            thanks, guys. I guess I'll have to start using the RI. One of these days.

              I started using the RI's as well and they helped me out alot, but more in a confirmation way, I could typically tell already that my body needed a break, but the RI let me feel okay and not guilty about taking it easy for a run or taking a whole day off.  Like AKTrail I almost always know when I am just getting worn out a few days before the RI's move downward, but seeing that little guy next to the thermometer let me feel like i wasn't just slacking off, but really did need an easy day


                I like the potential for getting justification for feeling sluggish!