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On the road back

    I've looked at the videos, seen that when I try bounding I'm probably not going to look as natural as Nobby, and understand that it's going to be a hard workout and should be done slowly.


    What I still DON'T understand is how 1 hill set is going to take me 20 minutes???


    I'm thinking that I don't fully grasp what a "hill set" is because the workout description makes it sound like I bound or spring slowly up the hill, jog at the top a bit and then sprint fast but under control back down the hill.


    Is that one set, and how is that going to take 20 minutes?


    Thanks for helping me understand. This week is week 1 in the hill phase for me.

    2013 Goals: Run more. Smile while I do it. Complete 2 marathons in a year. (1 down, 1 to go)


      I think that the workout time is inclusive of warmup/cooldown as well.  That is how I do it.  An example from last week    here


      - I ran a couple of miles with some strides at the end to warmup

      - I ran a bounding interval with some jogging at the top followed by downhill running

      - I jog a bit and do a single stride at the bottom of the hill to prepare for the next bounding exercise

      - After 5x repeats (marked as intervals in my log), I jogged back home to cooldown


      My overall recommended duration for this workout was 61 minutes, I ended up with a total running time of 59:32.  Close enough.  My form was getting sloppy at the end of the fifth repeat and it was time to call it a day.


      MTA: do heed the advice to do only one repeat the first time that you do this in a training cycle. This workout can be a beast that can cause injury. To quote Nobby: when in doubt, do less.

       2015 goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

      On the road back

        Makes a lot more sense with the warmup and cooldown included.  Thanks.

        2013 Goals: Run more. Smile while I do it. Complete 2 marathons in a year. (1 down, 1 to go)

          I always did a set of three strides after i ran down the hill and I rarely made it the full workout time either...I think they must be being generous or something on the time, or I didn't warmup/cool down long enough Smile