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    I have just purchased a Running Wizard training plan with the intention of doing a marathon in October. I have an issue in trying to create it due to having a current training plan (for a half marathon that I previously had intended on completing in July). Is there a way of deleting an existing training plan so that the new one can be created? If not (directed more at Nobby415) can i have my purchase transferred to a new user account that I can use to create my marathon program?




      Hey Adam, have you emailed Eric, creator of runningahead and also running wizard tech support/programming? This sounds like something he can sort out for you. You can email him via the tech support address on the rw website.


      Mta - wait, do you want to completely delete the old plan? You can do that yourself - go to your log - training plans - click on plan - click edit - then click delete..


        Yeah I want to completely delete the old plan. I have managed to delete the plan from the training log. Tried to go back and create my new plan (which is available from a drop down list) and it still won't let me create the plan.

          I just tried to access my running wizard plan on and got an error message. Seems like eric might be doing site maintenance right now?? But I would just shoot him an email. I had some issues getting my plan up and running, and it was due to some programming changes he was in the middle of making. We sorted it out really quickly.


            Just sent through a request via the Technical Support section of the Contact Us. Thanks.


              I had the same problem when I purchased a second plan in anticipation of my next race.  You cannot have two plans that overlap.  If you put the start date for the HM plan out in the future (if you have not finalized it yet), you should be able to setup the Marathon plan.  If you have clicked the finalize plan button already on the HM plan, Nobby/Eric will have to delete it or un-finalize it so that you can push it out into the future after your scheduled marathon.

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