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    So I am supposed to start my RunningWizard 20 week half marathon plan next week!!! WOOOOO!!!! I have the following issues though:


    1. I got really sick about a month ago. Sinus infection and bad cough meant no running. On days I felt a little better I went for a few easy runs, but mileage for 3 straight weeks was under 10 miles per week.

    2. My IT band has been bothering me this week, and I have been mostly resting it (ran a 10K Sunday and it started to hurt during the race.....maybe because I ran the race anyway despite barely running the 3 weeks prior....but that is my fault and now I must deal with the consequences)


    I was hoping in the last month to bump up my running days per week from 4 days to 5 days in preparation for my 5 day RW plan, as well as increase my weekly mileage in preparation, because even if I choose the lowest miles in the range given, next week's schedule with the RW plan would be a weekly mileage PR for me.


    Should I modify the plan for a few weeks as I am coming back from a VERY low mileage month due to sickness and injury? If so, how? Should I drop runs and still run 5 days (I have never run more than 4 days per week), or decrease the mileage of each run on the schedule, or both?

    PRs:   5K- 28:16 (5/5/13)      10K- 1:00:13 (10/27/13)    4M- 41:43 (9/7/13)   15K- 1:34:25  (8/17/13)    10M- 1:56:30 (4/6/14)     HM- 2:20:16 (4/13/14)


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      I am dealing with the big mileage jump in my new plan as well. I can't speak to the IT band issue you have going on, but I know there is a thread on this forum where JML has shared his experience. I asked Nobby about how to handle the large mileage increase, he cautioned me to take the first couple of weeks to ease into it if I needed that time. The runs are ranked so if you need to you can rest on the 5th ranked run. You can also run the lowest distance/time given in the range, but most importantly....use the Recovery Indicators! They have been crucial for me this cycle. I have had a couple of days where I had to shorten my workouts and it was definitely the right move. Good luck!

        Christirei is spot on with her advice.  If the mileage jump is daunting the first few weeks, keep the mileage on the lower end of the recommended range and drop a run as needed while using the recovery indicators to make sure that you are not pushing/training too hard.  I did this at that start of my 5k training plan as I came back from a period of low mileage at the end of December just before the plan start date.  I am probably going to use this approach for my next plan as well as my mileage has been very low this week and will likely be so next week as well.


        As to the IT, I highly recommend getting a foam roller if you don't already have one and use it to roll out your IT bands after every run. This was the fix for me when I had trouble with my IT bands a few years ago.


        good luck

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