Half marathon training plan - last long(ish) run five weeks out! (Read 44 times)

    Omg! Surprised I just looked at the last few weeks of my half-marathon training plan (which is 16 weeks long) and it seems that the last longer run is 16.5km five weeks before the race.


    Dude. I am very, very curious to see how this works out! I'm not really questioning the plan, it's just that I've always always always done a long run of at least 90 minutes on the weekends. Always. Leading up to a half marathon I generally did around 1:50-2hr long runs. And now, for the last month before the goal race - a 25km race on May 5th, btw - I'll be running 13.5 km as the longest run. This requires some mental adjustment.


    Anyone else done the running wizard half marathon plan and care to share their experience as regards the long run? Were you surprised to see this on the plan, did you follow the plan, and what did you think of the results?


      I just finished a half-marathon plan using running wizard with very solid results.  I followed the plan very closely and took my PR from 1:47 to 1:37.  As I understand the methodology, you build endurance in the early phases of the plan and hone the other skills necessary in the later stages.  The lack of longer runs leading up to race day did not bother me and I don't think that they would have helped me run a better race.  If anything, the lack of longer runs at the end probably contributed to arriving at the start line with fresh legs that were ready to run at what I previously thought was an unrealistic pace.    My advice is to trust the plan and resist the urge to beat up your legs with longer runs in the late stages.


      FWIW - Running-wizard predicted a 1:37:46 finish time for me and I actually ran 1:37:54.  Kind of spooky.......

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        That would spook me too, but the whole point for myself of buying one of the plans was that the previous stuff that I had been doing wasn't doing anything for me anymore, my times weren't coming down, I wasn't feeling as great...I had basically stalled. I needed a new approach to give my running a lift and hopefully to take me to PR's that weren't possible a year ago training "on my own". I think that the results from enough people have been positive enough so that you should follow the plan and see where it takes you!

          I noticed a similar thing with my plan and wondered about it. I intend to follow the plan to see how well it works.

          For comparison, I got the 24-week Marathon training plan, and my longest run is 17.5 miles (~28km) ... and that's 15 weeks before the marathon! The marathon plan I followed last summer (Not RW -- Higdon, 18-week plan, I think) had me build up to doing three 20-milers, the third one being about 3 weeks before the marathon. I was happy with how I finished, but I think I was tired and beat up and not fully recovered when I ran it. My legs did not feel "fresh" at any point before or during the race.


          I am now 2 weeks into my RW plan, although I missed most of the first week due to being sick with some cold or flu thing. I haven't really adjusted the schedule based on missing that first week -- I eased into the week 2 schedule as though I hadn't missed anything. I'd be curious to know anyone's thoughts on this -- should I simply forget about missing the first week, OR, is it more important to get the benefit of a full 10 weeks in the "Aerobic Phase" (and therefore shortening up on one or more of the subsequent phases)?

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            Thanks for your thoughts everyone!


            JML - wow, 1:47 to 1:37? Nice work!


            Christirei- I'm with you! I wanted to try something new, read up on Lydiard, and then found running wizard. I'm definitely sticking with it.


            SubDood - yep, we'll see how it works. There has been a fair amount of discussion on the RA boards about "traditional" 3x20 miler marathon plans, and the Running Wizard version. Nobby is a fantastic resource, and if you haven't read any of those threads (in which he talks in detail about the science/reasoning/experiences behind the rw marathon training plan) I highly recommend using the search function to find them. As for your other question: if you were already running before you started the plan, it probably doesn't matter much if you miss a week of the "official" base phase.

              I wouldn't worry about the first week being missed. You still have nine weeks of building your aerobic base and  i think that overall you will be, if you missed the first month or something! that would be different. I had to miss one of my runs because of sick kids that kept me up all night, but I didn't sweat it, I just moved on with the next workout. I think missing a whole week in one of the later phases might be more important