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    So the past week and a half (maybe?? ) the top of my foot has been a little tender and swollen, and when I press on it (hahahaha, I see the joke coming) it hurts like a bruise. It has gotten so that when I tie my shoes in the morning I have to tie the laces pretty loose to keep pressure off my foot which means my heels slip a bit. I am in my final week of intervals and wondering if this is just running stress that isn't showing up in my RI's or something more. It's almost time for new shoes and I bought some that I used on my treadmill tonight and felt the same way, really tight over the top of my foot so I had to loosen the laces. but otherwise I feel fine and i can run with almost no problem. a friend is recovering from a stress fracture in her foot but she told me that felt more like a pulled muscle and less like a bruise...thoughts?

      Ugh how annoying! I suggest ice and check out a new lacing system: in fact, I think if you search the forums for "lydiard lacing" you will come up with some posts from Nobby on how to lace your shoes to take pressure off the top of your foot. If you can run with no problem than it is likely not a stress fracture - from what I hear, a stress fracture is so painful that you cannot put weight on it at all, let alone run with it.


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        I agree with Harriet, although it's hard to be sure. Can you hop on one foot and not have it hurt? I've definitely had times when my shoe was tied a bit too tight, and it irritated the tendons over the top of the foot. Took a few days to feel better, just treated by loosening the laces for my runs.


          +1 on Lydiard lacing.  I switched when I aggravated a my foot between the first and second metatarsal.  The alternate lacing took the pressure off the top of the foot and allowed the irritation to subside.

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            Sweet! thanks guys! will try that for my PCR tomorrow morning!

              Cool! How did it go?


              I just realized I posted the wrong link (it was moderately relevant but didn't include anything from Nobby....) Here is a more useful one, just in case you didn't find it -