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Looking for Seattle's big hills (Read 43 times)




    I'm trying to BQ at Tacoma this May and the climb up from the bridge appears to be a killer. Looks to be about +500ft in 2.5 miles. So, I want to get in some serious hill climbs during my training.


    Running up E. Madison looks good. Any other BIG hills you can suggest?



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      If you don't mind driving out of town some Snoqualmie Ridge is 400ft  just under 2 miles up to main Ridge area and goes up from there. I have never run the whole hill but would think you would easily cover over 500ft if not more . Has nice paved trail that follows the road up from the falls.

        I really didn't think the Narrows Bridge was that bad, although granted, it's been almost three years since I've run it.  The hills of the Seattle Marathon course will be good (Galer, Madison, Interlaken), and anything around Phinney Ridge.  There's also Queen Anne, but that's probably overkill!

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          I'd second what EatDrink says.  Seattle Marathon Miles 20-23 are nice.  If you're not afraid of trails, drive east 20 minutes.  Tiger Mountain is a fun climb, with nice trails.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions.


            I ran 2 large loop last night, up 34th NW all the way from the locks to 85th. Think about 275 gain.Tomorrow may try 3rd W, on queen anne.


            Anyone else going to Tacoma?


            Betsy, will you be a Pacer again?

              Betsy, will you be a Pacer again?

              Not unless they have a 5-hour pacer!  (Or at least 4:45).  Last year I was one of the 4:25 pacers and it was just about what I could do.  (Normally you want a pace that's at least 1/2 hour slower than what you can comfortably do).  Plus my co-pacer went out too fast, so he lost a few runners, including me!  However, I'll be running Tacoma regardless.

              Upcoming races: 9/12 Fat Glass 50K, 10/11 Victoria Marathon, 11/7 Rio del Lago 100


                Anyone else going to Tacoma?


                That's my goal race for the year.  I'm not in BQ territory but I am definitely looking to PR there.

                If not, I'll most likely take EDRW's suggestion and try the Light at the End of the Tunnel marathon for my PR.


                Anyone else doing the Lake Young Nuts run Saturday?

                I'm just shooting for two laps (19.2 miles), not the full 50K.