Thyroid Q and A or Running Hot and Cold


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    I just found out that I was hypothyroid. My TSH was 6.5 

    I actually went to be tested because my calcium level and pth level are both high.

    That's when they found my TSH high as well. I cannot get in to see a endocrinologist until August.

    But my question is, I have tried levothyroxine and synthroid and disliked them both. I am no trying armor thryoid and it seems to be some better...but this is only day two. My complaint with all 3 of these drugs is that I don't seem to think as clearly when I take them and.... running , although not a lot more difficult, does seem a little harder. Will this go away ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

      I am interested to see everyone else's answers, b/c I had the opposite experience. When I went on Levoxyl I finally got rid of the brain fog and lethargy that I had with a high TSH.

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        Did either of the previous drugs lower your TSH to a reasonable level? Like Shaunna, I too felt the fog lift after being treated for a few months. My TSH leveled out just under 3 on 75mcg of levothyroxin and just recently (finally) got my doc to agree to 88mcg daily to see if I can get rid of the sluggishness!


        Good luck with the new meds - give it time.


        MTA: you really won't be able to tell a thing after 2 days of thyroid meds they have a short half life so it takes several weeks (maybe more) to really see the full affect.

        Being the best tiny spec that I can be!

          Before I used the Euthyrox my head was all foggy . I had problems with concentrating.


          About 6 weeks after I started the medication I suddenly realized that the foggy feeling was gone. It felt like the curtains had finally opened again.


          Nowadays I need to change my medication every March and September. (When it is colder I need a little more Euthyrox.) The first 6 weeks after the medication changes are always bad. I'm moody, tired quickly and the running is hard.


          One more week to go and those 6 weeks are over and I'll be back to normal again. Just in time for my first half marathon of this year on April 16th.



          Today is another beautiful day

          The half marathon of Pardubice on April 16th 2011: 2:14:18.

          Next goal: the half marathon of Velešín in less then 2:10:00.