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Healthy Trails 5k RR (Read 24 times)

    Trick title because this was NOT, in fact, a trail race. Rather, it was a 5k run on a bike path through Tacony Creek Park. Regardless, it was really fun and I ran faster than I expected I would.


      Nice job Trails, 3 OA and a new PR, congratulations!

      Muddling through

        For unexpected hills on the course, you ran fantastic. Congrats.

        2014 Goals: Run first trail ultra, first 100K, and see what I can do in a 24-Hour race


        Endless trails

          Nice job. I like how the trail runner in you passed several people on the uphill.

          Refurbished Hip

            Sweet new PR, TnC!  And congrats on 3rd Smile

              Thanks, all. I think these short & fast races have really made me a more confident runner this year. Should help in my longer races in the future.


                Congratulations on 3rd OA woman, and on the new PR!  What a great day, and super nice that you also had so many friends racing.  That picture at the finish line is too darned cute.


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