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    Soggy here in the mid-atlantic, today.  After a long self-chat last night, I got out for 6 miles in the cold rain.   My alternative was to stay inside at the pool and complete the sit-n-gossip marathon with the other parents, watching their kids burn 1000+ calories.  No contest.  And my run had a cupcake incentive at the end.  I've got 4 miles easy planned for later.  And yoga for my tight hamstrings.


    qotd:  How often do you use 'rewards' to get yourself motivated, especially on tough days?  And what is your favorite?  Mine are usually sweet food rewards (see above), though for bigger milestones or races, it's gear (usually clothing, usually a splurge item)


    Faster Than Your Couch!

      Good Morning,


      Not wet, but white with snow, sleet and freezing rain in my area.

      Like you, I got my run in late in the evening yesterday, 9 miles up and down the mountain in the snowstorm. The snow was not packed well, nor wet enough to develop sufficient hardness upon impact, so it was like running in medium heavy sand, slipping and sliding all the way. My legs are a bit sore today.


      School is again delayed, so my run today has to wait until I have dropped off the kids. Then just time for a quick run, kids have pool time (sounds like a similar schedule as yours) and ballet, where again I'll have to taxi them. I can't wait until DD gets her driver's license in about a year from now, then I might be tempted to leave all the taxiing up to her (after all, the teen needs driving practice anyway, right?). Or maybe not. Safety concerns in today's traffic for an inexperienced driver...


      QOTD: I love rewards, just don't often get them or give them to myself. Usually it's the outlook onto a nice, hot shower, and the feel of dry, warm (or cool in the summer) clothes against my skin instead of sweaty, sticky, damp spandex. My inner drill sergeant makes me think that's enough reward for "getting that lazy a$$ out the door!" Big grin

      Run for fun.

      Le professeur de trail

        Morning DC.  Wet here too.  I got in 5.25 miles in soggy, heavy , slushy snow with a side of pouring rain.  It was actually quite nice.


        QOTD: I eat sweets all the time so I don't need to consider it a reward.  So nothing really.  I consider any run I can get in a reward these days.


        Have a great day!


          Good Morning All!


          Got an easy 6 miles in this morning. Unfortunately on the road. I'm thinking about filing a missing persons report for the Sun. It's been missing for a few days now.


          Just tapering down for my race this weekend. I've been giving my shin ice massgaes 3 times a day all weekend and it seems it is doing better.


          Happy Running!

            Hi all, waiting until after work  to run 6-7 miles. I think the weather should be better then. Unfortunately, I'll also be cheering my volleyball team on from the sidelines due to my broken finger Undecided


            Also - Check out my latest blog post from last night, I think some of you here might appreciate it:




            QOTD: I usually do this with good beers after long runs. Though I find that the rewards are an added bonus, not really a motivating factor for me to get out there.


              Sugary snow/sleet was just starting when I drove to the trail last night. Turned into about an inch of snow during my run along the reservoir trails. I felt like I was made out of concrete last night on the uphills. The pointer LadyB was scared stiff by a tiny barking fluffy white beast last night. It was pretty hysterical. We did about 5.5 miles I guess. Not sure what is on tap for today. I wanted a double digit run but some work stuff may prevent me from going longer than 8.


              QOTD: Rewards? A craft beer or two or three nightly after my run.

              Life is uncertain. Don't sip.


                Wow! Busy place here today!  It is snowing here today...again.  Spring is nowhere near my vicinity.  And the sun?  Missing in action.  Thank goodness for Vitamin D supplements...because I am not going to get any help from the sun.


                After yesterday's successful run I plan to go out again later today for a run with my buddy.  She had a good time yesterday with me....and will again today.


                qotd: I am not good at self control and found I would reward mysel with food whether I ran or not.  And now...I don't even like food so it is no longer a reward. Sometimes I will have a shopping I get up to running 10 miles...I get a new pair of vibram 5 fingers


                xt:  You run with a pointer?  I do too.  She is a very timid pointer and is fairly terrified of any people or dogs we encounter on the trail. She will bark at people because she is afraid to pass (she runs off leash).


                Happy trails to all!

                  Good morning,


                  Guess I need to consider myself lucky -- the weather's pretty decent right now. (Although given this is the Pacific NW, that can change quickly!) Need to go walk a friend's dog this afternoon, then will go on an easy run (she's old, so no running for her.  The dog -- not my friend Big grin).  Just got more work on my tattoo last night, so I doubt I'll get in more than three miles.  It's coming along nicely; I realized it was vegan (just fruits & veggies), so we added a hambone yesterday.  I have another session on the 28th and the 1st, so I'll post pics then (it should have color by then).


                  qotd: no specific rewards, although I might allow myself a glass of wine.

                  Upcoming races: 7/13 Light at the End of the Tunnel, 8/10 Angels Staircase 35K, 10/12 Victoria Marathon


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                    Mornin' trail folks,

                    Sunny and cold today. Still wearing winter running gear. (heavy sigh)  Kind of a hectic day but I will have to sneak away for a 10k pace run maybe around lunchtime. A lot of snow in the woods yet and I think at this time last year it was about 80F. Other than that I have nothing else.


                    QOTD--I love my workouts-whether speed, hills, distance, gnarly trails, or bike time trials or swim intervals or whatever. Never needed a reward...though food and drink would certainly work.   Heck, isn't inhaling a couple Gu's and washing them down with Perpetuem enough of a reward?  Big grin


                      xt:  You run with a pointer?  I do too.  She is a very timid pointer and is fairly terrified of any people or dogs we encounter on the trail. She will bark at people because she is afraid to pass (she runs off leash).


                      Hey Moonlight... yes a german short haired pointer rescue dog who I call LadyB. She is very friendly and not overly timid which is why it was sort of funny how scared she was of this little dog. She hid next to a bush off trail until the little dog went away.

                      Life is uncertain. Don't sip.

                        Morning folks! I am jealous of the rain and snow some of you are getting. its been in the mid 70's for a week here, and I'm not ready for it.

                        What can I say, I like the cold.

                        got in 5.5 this morning


                        QOTD: same answer as boyjame!


                          Slept in this morning, so I'll do 5 or 6 after work today.  I could use the heat training I guess, it'll be about 78 deg.


                          Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday.


                          qotd:  Not normally.  But I do admit that when I'm traveling and I get out for an early morning run (while my colleagues are still sleeping), it's always nice to hit the hotel breakfast buffet.



                          running under the BigSky

                            strength training on tap this afternoon


                            my run yesterday was also on the treacherous side- most of the snow had melt, but froze in the trail, add to this a 1-2" skiff of new snow and you never knew what the footing underneath was going to be- went down a couple of times (and that's w/ screws in the shoes)


                            qotd: the ability to eat pretty much what I want and when I want, is a nice reward for consistent running Big grin


                            HURL Fat Ass 50k  1/11- DNS sick :(

                            Zion Traverse 47 miles 4/5 DNS :( stress fracture in heel

                            Don't Fence Me In 30k  14k 5/10 ✓

                            Pengelly Double Dip 13.1 miles & 3000' 6/7 ✓

                            Devils Backbone 50 mile (I'm running 25 as a two person relay) 7/19 ✓ Wow!

                            Ellkhorn 23k 8/2- this is a maybe- little close to the Bridger???? signed up :)  ✓ 

                            Bridge Ridge Run 20 miles 8/9  ✓ 


                            Follower of Forrest

                              Pain free in the foot for 2 days now (today will be 3).  I'm going to give this whole running thing a go again tomorrow.  I've been working out on an elliptical machine for that past 3 days, which started as a mental boost but now I don't know how much more I can take.


                              qotd: When I get home from work sometimes I'll see the beer in my fridge and I'll be tempted to partake, but then I tell myself not until after you run.  I like to get sushi the nights before races, which is a treat for me.

                              6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


                              A man may never run the same trail twice for it is not the same trail and he is not the same man


                              Holden McGruyen

                                I don't give myself rewards for running because I try not to look at running as something I must do. Turning some activity into a duty or chore has always led to burnout for me.

                                I'm Holden McGruyen. Would you like to join me?