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Whens-daily? (Read 50 times)

Ultra Cowboy

     ...Hersheypark, which is cool because I used to work there and even met my girlfriend there.


    Baiting is not fair.....

    Looking for a reason to run...

      tasty tasty chocolate!


      running under the BigSky

        5.5 in the hills this evening, the snow/mud/ice is receding nicely- lots of stretches that are high & dry Big grin


        qotd: nothing until June, I'm hoping something pops up in May


        HURL Fat Ass 50k  1/11- DNS sick :(

        Zion Traverse 47 miles 4/5 DNS :( stress fracture in heel

        Don't Fence Me In 30k  14k 5/10 ✓

        Pengelly Double Dip 13.1 miles & 3000' 6/7 ✓

        Devils Backbone 50 mile (I'm running 25 as a two person relay) 7/19 ✓ Wow!

        Ellkhorn 23k 8/2- this is a maybe- little close to the Bridger???? signed up :)

        Bridge Ridge Run 20 miles 8/9

        Ultra Cowboy

          Post run report... Did yoga for first time.  It wasn't awful.  Women commented positively...


          Followed with a burger and I think I received a comped beer.

          Looking for a reason to run...


            Will you be coming up the night before?  Stay in Santa Rosa?



            Staying near Healdsburg and coming up the night before. I have done events in Santa Rosa or Sebastapol and driven up that morning and back that night, but I wanted to set myself up a bit better here.

            Ultra Cowboy

              Enjoy Healdsburg.  Have a Racer 5 for me.  I plan to be running my half marathon in Santa Rosa as you are doing your 50 miles.


              Watch for Wild pigs...

              Looking for a reason to run...