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    Guess I'm the early bird this morning!  Weegee and I just signed up for the Bighorn trail runs, hence the thread name (they start in Sheridan, WY).  Weegee's in for the 100, I'm in for the 50.


    Ended up taking a rest day yesterday, but will be getting in 15-20 miles on Cougar today, and 20 miles at Pt. Defiance tomorrow (that's where we ran the 50 miles last weekend; call me a glutton for punishment!)


    qotd: how often do you travel to other states for a race?


    I'd eventually like to run a marathon+ in all 50 states, so budget willing I try to pick up a couple of states a year.  I have 11 right now, I WILL get Texas in February Wink and then Wyoming in June.  Also considering Cajun Coyote in December, where I'd pick up Louisiana.

    Upcoming races: 9/12 Fat Glass 50K, 10/11 Victoria Marathon, 11/7 Rio del Lago 100


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      Good luck at Bighorn. That one hasn't really made it on my radar yet, but I kinda keep track of who runs it every year. It looks like a good event.


      We have single digit temps here in Moab this morning, so I'm dragging my feet before I go run the Red Hot course. I'm going to go get a stack of pancakes before we head out.


      QOTD: I travel to other states frequently, but because we're new to Utah, I have a lot of races planned that are local, or somewhat local anyway.


        I just signed up for the 100 because it's an extra $10 for the bus ride to the start of the 50.  Sheesh!


        25 or 50K for me today, depending on the amount of ice on top of Tiger Mountain (which is plenty).  The Western WA Fatass is a 2-loop course over one of the local peaks, and last year was a lot of fun, so we'll see today.  I should be able to wave to EDRW over on the adjacent (and not so icy) Cougar Mountain during the race.


        QOTD: Whenever the gal does.

          Morning folks! i am so glad I waited til after work to run yesterday. It warmed up to 5 F! (Insert sarcasm)


          today I'm heading out for a 3 hour run in the foothills. I'm going to work opn the run/walk thing. I'm hoping to cover 14-15 miles, but we'll see.


          QOTD: I ran a turkey trot out of state when we were visiting family over the holiday. But not really. I nracing running and racing and there seems to be enough around me to keep me plenty busy.

          There are two out of state races I'd really like to do though. The Zane Grey 50 in AZ (I grew up hiking those trails in scouts) and the Squamish 50 in BC, Canada (DW grew up in that area)

            Birdwell -- our friend Gary is one of the RDs for Squamish.  Weegee will be shooting pics at his wedding in September!

            Upcoming races: 9/12 Fat Glass 50K, 10/11 Victoria Marathon, 11/7 Rio del Lago 100


              Morning! I'm heading out for ~ 14 miles on easy trails today, on the same course where 50k will be held in May. Haven't run there yet so I'm pretty excited to discover some new trails.


              Good luck to all with your long runs today!

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              Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

              Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15

                Birdwell -- our friend Gary is one of the RDs for Squamish.  Weegee will be shooting pics at his wedding in September!


                That's awesome! That course and area looks like it would so much fun. I'm hoping to be able to get there in 2014.

                Uh oh... now what?

                  Waiting, somewhat patiently, for it to get light enough to go play with the chainsaw

                  so the trail of choice will be less of an obstacle course this afternoon.  I seem to

                  be getting in more miles with the Stihl on my shoulder than without.  We are in

                  the start of what appears to be the worst winter for blowdown since moving here.


                  QOTD:  2012 was Tejas (aid station loiterer in chief), Washington (run),

                  Washington (DNF), Montana (run) -- four trips off-island which is often

                  referred to as "visiting America".

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                    Leaving for my first PT appointment in just a few minutes.  Smile


                    QOTD: Not too often.  My list only includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio.


                      A day at home taking care of some chores. I have an ice dam building on a section of roof, repair the drive of my snowblower, install a new bath faucet, and then watch Aaron Rogers dismantle the Vikings. Oh, and I will do weights and elliptical this morn. Long run tomorrow.


                      EDRW and Weegee--You'll enjoy the Bighorns, it is a well run event.


                      John--Enjoy the chainsawing. Blowdowns can be somewhat exciting at times if the trees get wedged or torqued in certain ways. Somewhat spring loaded when you go to cut them. I keep a plaid flannel shirt next to mine so I'm always dressed for the part. Smile


                      QOTD- I enjoy traveling to races in other locales. Get to explore different regions. Always good. Think I have 16 states off the top of my head. Sometimes just long fast road trips and other times combined with a vacation of sorts. However now that I have capped my races to less than marathon with a once in awhile exception I now do a time/benefit type assessment. How far do I really want to travel for a 25k? So for now the plan is to stay within my region of Wi, Mn, Mi. I will do some traveling for long self supported epic runs though.


                      Enjoy the weekend.


                      Adding-- Good luck Mandy at PT.

                        6 trail miles for the pooch and me.  The weather was awesome.


                        QOTD: I have mostly quit racing.


                        Tallahassee, Florida


                          We actually have some sunshine today--hooray!  I can't tell you how happy I am for that.  I will be doing some hiking today, and I have a (slightly modified) run of the Pengelly Double Dip course planned for tomorrow.


                          QOTD:  I have only ever raced in MT, but I have run in MT, CA, HI, ID, and WY.  This spring, I hope to go visit my family in SoCal & run a 10K beach race with my nephew.


                          EDRW:  I was just looking at Bighorn this morning.  I want to do a 30K this summer, but haven't decided which to do.  Good luck to you; the course looks great.


                          JohnM:  Pretty hard core to have to chop your own trail.


                          Mandy:  Good luck in PT today.  I hope you learn some things that will help you heal fast & stay healthy.


                          Everyone, have a great weekend.


                            Looks like a nice sunny day here and the temp has climbed to 40. Gotta take care of some hosehold chores then will get in another 6.3 mile run and maybe some cross training.


                            QOTD: Only traveled out of state for two races so far, both of them with the bike. Once was to Mt Washington NH, and the other to Mt Evans CO. I hope that by next year I can start to expand my horizons a little.


                              Morning, Trail Peeps.  I'm from the old world, so hello to those that I know, and nice to meet you to those that I don't.

                              Headed to Chicago this morning for a day of fun at the....well, I am not privy to the plans, so we'll see what's been planned for me.  Fingers crossed for a sunset run on the lakeshore.  

                              Mandyroo - Hope that PT session is helpful, and I really really hope that you remember to ask all the important questions.  :P

                              QOTD:  I live in MI, boyfriend is in WI.  I tend to race more from my WI-home than my MI-home, with MN on the leader board for out of state.  I'd love to run in every state, but finances will dictate how quickly that can be accomplished.  


                              Have a great day, everyone!




                                EDRW:  I was just looking at Bighorn this morning.  I want to do a 30K this summer, but haven't decided which to do.  Good luck to you; the course looks great.




                                sugnim-- I know the Bighorns changed their entry procedure in the last year or two but the 30k there would always fill prior to opening of on-line registration. If you were even thinking about it you should jump on it now if it 's still open.