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    Afternoon trail people!


    Ended up bagging yesterdays run after a mile due to some foot soreness (not sure where that came from).  I did manage to get 20 mins on the bike rollers (despite a flat tire) and a pushup workout, so not  a total loss.


    Plan for today is for 4 easy miles, 20 minutes on the rollers, and 10 mins of ab/core workout of some type.


    QOTD: I don't have real life running friends and you guys are a bunch of enablers so I will say "yes, I run and race more due to the internet".  I never would have done Stone Mill if it wasn't for ya'll.

    6/21 - Manitou's Revenge 54mi


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      Tweaked a tendon in my ankle yesterday, so I'll have to cancel the long run I had negotiated a slot for today.  The worst part is that it happened because of arrogance and not respecting the weights I was carrying around. (I pivoted on the ball of my foot with an 85-lb dumbbell in each hand.)


      QOTD: I've been running since before the internet, but for sure being part of this on-line community has changed my frame of reference with regard to what's normal and possible. Thank you all for that!

      3/8 Way Too Cool 50k WNS

      4/19 Tehama Wildflowers 50k



        Salomon run last night, so probably nothing today due to work ... 24 degrees this morning, so good weather for some mellow miles. Too bad!


          QOTD: I don't race very much, but there are lots of races that I wouldn't know about if it wasn't for the Internet. I don't hang out with anyone who runs except at races. I am the only person close to my area who runs.



            Probably no run today. Slept in a bit and spending a good portion of the day getting ready for my Fire Fighter 1 tests, which start tomorrow.


            QOTD: I was in first grade when the internet became commercialized. So much of my life I have used the internet. But I had started running a few times without the help of internet knowledge and resources and I never lasted very long. So yes I run a lot more with the internet. I find a lot of inspiration here. I'm not much of a racer. To date I have only signed up for 2 local races. I used the internet to do so, but I didn't HAVE to.


              Hello there... been busy travelling as of late and  just getting back into the normal swing of things.


              I  wavered about running today but had an hour+ window at lunch so just shoed up and out the door I went. Foggy mild weather here. I was just going to trot around the neighborhoods for 45 minutes to an hour but for some reason after a mile or so decided to torture myself with some Cross Road hill repeats (this is a local hill right near my neighborhood). I haven't done these in ages and I sort of remember why that is because they bring me to the point where I can't decide whether I should puke or unclench my ass cheeks and shit myself instead. The hill is somewhere between 1000-1200m in length I guess, maybe 200 foot climb, a small break midway before the steepest section and flattening out at the top. I used to do 3-5 repeats. I wanted to do 3 today but after 1 I had convinced myself that hey maybe 2 would be a victory but after the 2 decided well you can do one more you know and meet your goal so I did manage 3. I did not try to talk myself into 4. Splits going up were in the 4:51-5:01 range and I have no idea what that means other than it was very hard and the easy jog down took 6 minutes. My hip and back are a bit sore now but they were the other day too so well I guess it is what it is. I have been slacking on my stretching.


              QOTD: The internet helps me find races and commiserate with like minded souls about the wonderful world of running. I think without it I would run anyways but would type less about it.

              In dog beers, I've only had one.

                Ran six very good miles this am with me muttly.  Brrrhh took a good mile or two to warm up.  I guess winter has reached me.


                QOTD : I don't think I would run more or less but do know I would get more done around the house.  You guys make me think I should run longer but I know I would only do it to say I did it but that I wouldn't really enjoy it.  Undecided



                Kelly and Sandy:  Good luck this weekend on your race this weekend.

                moonlighter:  Can't rmemeber the distance but good luck on your race.  I am doing a 50K that I also do not feel prepared for and we have a storm coming so I have to drive out of the storm but should be nice where we are going.

                Gator: Where do you live?  I am from Traverse City and still have all the family there.

                runtraildc:  Keep streaking!

                Andie:  Yea I thought about how we only get this killer cold weather occasional and if I lived in it I would definitely be on the treadmill way more.

                Chnaiur:  A runner receives a twisted ankle from lifting weights..was funny.

                LB2: I thought you had your brother to run with?

                Xtreme:  I can't decide whether I should puke or unclench my ass cheeks and shit myself instead"  that is a good discritpion of how you feel when you give and all out effort.

                I need to sign up for a race..

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                  lace_up and LB2 - frozen spiders at the Cajun Coyote sound good.  Yum.  We should scout out a RA spot for the S/F, wonder if Jo would like to be our "Trailer Trash Coach".



                  I'll check with my people, but I think we can make that happen.


                  running under the BigSky

                    0 day for me today- which is just fine; -15F this morning w/ a balmy 3 degrees for a high, predicting -25 tonight- New Mexico has mountains don't they? Big grin


                    qotd: the internet has been a blessing for me and running- I've learned a ton on this forum and various articles on line, I've met running buddies online and am able to scout races across the US- God bless Al Gore! Wink


                    Don't Fence Me In 30k 5/9

                    Bob Marshall Open 5/23-???

                    Pengelly Double Dip 13.1 miles & 3000' 6/6

                    Beaverhead 55k 7/11

                    Devils Backbone 50 mile relay-maybe w/ NH if I'm recouped 7/18

                    Elkhorn 50k 8/1

                    Blue Mountain 30k 10/1


                    Muddling through

                      Out the door, then turned around. Back out a couple hours later for a jog/walk for an hour or so. Those interval workouts beat me up and it takes 3 days to recover.


                      QOTD: I ran more before the internet was invented. Sources of info included Long Distance Log and Distance Running News. RW and RT hadn't been founded yet and there weren't but a handful of ultras around the country. Tom Osler was the best source for finding out about those and I think most were on the track anyway. Word of mouth was the best source for local races.

                      2015 Goals: Run IAT50K, run first 100K, and exceed 100K in a 24-Hour race


                         God bless Al Gore! Wink


                        Was down in D.C. while he was V.P. and we were near the Capital when there he was--in a cute jogging suit with 3 big goons jogging along with him and a dark Suburban idling alongside him.  He REALLY did invent running ya know!


                        GOOD LUCK racers this weekend!