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Wet Wednesdaily (Read 31 times)


    Congrats, Bird!


    I want a video report on Boston from Lace/Jo.


    Looking to do a few easy miles with one kicker short climb (cycling event this Saturday).


    QOTD: I would be less inclined unless the RD had a great track record

      5.5 this am ....


      qotd:  no

      I need to sign up for a race..


        Boot camp today after work. If I am feeling friskey I might go for a run with the pointer afterwards. I hope I feel friskey....the new job has me in a funk and I need extra endorphins.


        Qotd: I don't race much...but I am not too fussy when I do. A new event would not bother me.


          I am on the fence on whether I take the devil dog for a run or work in the garden, so undecided.


          Birdwell congrats!



          QOTD: Timely question Lace, I have been eyeing a local NM race that is in its 3rd year but has changed the course and currently only has 3-5 people signed up at each distance offered.