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Delaware Trail Marathon Race Report (Read 37 times)


    Awesome job, wings - fries - and BEER well deserved.

    Refurbished Hip

      Awesome!  Congrats on what sounds like an ideal first trail marathon!!  That was a great report and I loved the photos.  Can't wait to hear about your 50K soon!


      And potatoes and salt + Coke are the best!


      Faster Than Your Couch!

        Congratulations on a great race and a strong finish!


        The swag looks good, food sounds good, I might sign up for this one next year?

        Run for fun.

          Sounds like you had an awesome time and ran a great race, congrats!

          Le professeur de trail

            The weather over the weekend was near perfect.  Congrats! This had everything you could want in a trail race including a good fall.  Good luck at the dirty german.  You are truly hooked!

            Uh oh... now what?

              I tend to do the face plants early so there is no suspense for the rest of the day.


              Good running, enjoyable story -- thank you for sharing.

                Thanks, all. It was a truly enjoyable race.


                .....I'm surprised no one has commented on my "arm panties" yet. I was back and forth about wearing those, but I was glad I did, and took them off for the second half.  Wink


                  Awesome job on the run and the RR.  Sounds like you had lots of fun.  Even with the face-plant at the end.


                  No problem with the arm panites...  I have a pair that I got from a race.  I even wore them once when I was in Italy......   where I knew no one would know me...  and only because it was cold at higher elevation....   and I had them as my longsleves while going light.  I guess it also helps that they have the WS100 logo on them....     but yeah, no problem with the arm panties.  LOL.



                    Great job, and congratulations.  Like the new avatar, but keeping with your screen name, it should be the picture of you with the beer.Smile


                      Great race! Seems like you're really loving the switch to trail running!


                      Follower of Forrest

                        I see you found someone to run with too!  Nice job on the race and the report.  Sounds like you had a blast.  I was laughing with you when you described the tumble at the end...200 yards to go Big grin...I would do that too.  Good luck with you're recovering and training for the Dirty German...I've looked at that race before and it should be an experience!

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                          Great job, and congratulations.  Like the new avatar, but keeping with your screen name, it should be the picture of you with the beer.Smile


                          Ha! Just wait til next weekend...I'll be running in one of my best events, the "barathon", in which I'll defend my 2nd place woman title. It's a 5k, and runners drink a beer every kilometer. I'd say I'm going for first woman, but the chick who wins every year is also a marathon winner, so no matter how well I can chug, I don't have much of a chance against this girl! (There's only about 20 runners...but I still podiumed!)

                          Occasional Runner

                            Nice work! It's a great race and I'm glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing your RR.


                              Congrats on a great race, sounds like fun! Nice RR thanks for sharing!