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    Still not running.  I'm planning on starting back up next week when I get home.  The ankle feels great, but I know it's because I've taken 4 days off in a row.  I'm really resisting the urge to get out for a couple of miles tomorrow morning.


    qotd: if I'm doing less than 10 miles I won't eat anything.  If I'm going to do more than 10 I'll do a Gel about 5 minutes before heading out.  If I'm gonna do a 50k or something, than I'll eat some "real food" an hour beforehand.

    Busan 100k, 10/31/2015

      No running for me today. Despite the fact that I now have the time to run daily I am trying to ease into it.


      qotd: Eggs!! Usually cooked in coconut oil. Sometimes if I am going to be out running for long enough I'll bring some hardboiled eggs and olives out on the trail with me. Really hits the spot!

      Mt Cheaha 50k 2/23/2013:  7:34 :D

      Lake Martin 50; 27 miles: 5:29:07

      Run For Kids 50k, Birmingham, 5/4/2013: 6:26:33 Woot!


        I am a eat anything I can get my hands on-vore today ... damn I cannot stop eating (Stress) - Later I hope to be a beer-nivore for supper  really late - maybe mid-night when I finally get my ass out of here.


        Maybe I mis-wrote that.  I was veggie for 13+ years; I'm an omnivore currently.

        Retired 1/1/13 

        Wandering Wally

          Dang I wish there was a like button.  I'd be all over it for "beer-nivore".  :-)

          Run!  Just Run!


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            I had DW meet me @ 10pm - It made me stop working


            Had a scotch ale that was not quite right - Too subtle and seemed flat from a local micro-brew.


            So I had a Liennies red so I coulf be hit in the head with taste


            But then  I noticed the special of the day - Regular margarittas for $1.99.  I ordered 2 right away - telling the bartender gal I had a bad day and she asked if I would like them "Powered" - Luckily I really like Tequilla.  After those 2 I was well done.


            Dang I wish there was a like button.  I'd be all over it for "beer-nivore".  :-)

            Retired 1/1/13