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Horsey lady mad I was on "THEIR" trail. - UPDATE (Read 72 times)


    Agreed, plan to drop off a care package on Thursday.  This guy takes great care of our team when we have our XC camp up in their group tenting area.  He, or his partner, stops by at least once a day to talk to us and give us weather updates, and we always try to feed them.  In return, we had the team help on a trail clean-up day last year, so it's been a nice relationship.

    That's great to have a working relationship like that with your ranger. It always ends up being win-win.

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      Nice job with this issue, AT. I'm not sure I would have handled in such an adult manner, and then

      would've probably regretted it. You're a credit to our sport! It's good to see trail justice too.


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        Wow, what an instructor, and the fact that she did this not only when she was on her own, but on the job - speaks for itself.

        Great ranger, hope the care package will keep him happy!

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