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Big Toenail Question (Read 35 times)

    I will spare you the visuals, but I got a pretty good blister UNDER my big toenail during the 50 miler. My feet swelled and I stubbed it hard in the end. The blister finally popped last night and now the whole toenail is detached, except for the base which is still firmly attached to the nail bed.


    What do you do in this situation? For any little toes I  usually just rip the nail off but I'm definitely not doing that right now.


    A few folks suggested soaking in very hot water and slowly wiggling the nail out.


    Any suggestions?

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      This happens to me all the time. I usually wrap a bandaid around it to hold it in place until the remainder becomes detached, or nearly detached. I don't rush it. The new nail will help purge the old nail.

        Cut it short and leave it alone.  I have been able to keep a  detached big toenail for  about 6 months.  This allows the new toenail to grow underneath at the same time giving your toe protection...not to mention as a female we want that nail to paint!!!  Near the end when it was ready to go I even put crazy clue under it.   This last one final feel off from being at the beach.  After it fell off running made the tip of my toe sore and the mail underneath was still ugly and short....point being.... Gibberish it time and try to keep it Al's long as possible,

        I need to sign up for a race..

          I'd say something about auto check but then maybe I was Gibberish. Big grin

          I need to sign up for a race..


            I do what Lace up does. I haven't lost one in quite awhile.


              Thanks for the advice. I am not pulling it out...seems like it really wants to hold on so I'll let it come out on it's own. It's band-aided right now so hopefully it won't bother me too much on my run today.


                When it is ready, it will be pretty cool. With me, that blister under the toenail explodes into a bloody mess that can be a little scary the first time it happens. A few days later that thing just comes right off with no pain whatsoever.



                  I agree with QoN !!!  Big grin


                  ......  keep the loose one there as long as possible.



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                    Same as Queen, cut off the loose part and leave the rest. It can be months until it falls off by itself, but there should be no pain after the blister has healed up.

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