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    A couple responses in another thread got me thinking about fear.  It is a word we use and hear from other people as to why they don't trail run...

    I define it as an emotion of concern with out a plan for dealing with it, and that lack of a plan creates a spiral of concern, that becomes panic.


    When you have a plan to deal with a possibility it is not a fear anymore, but a precaution.  (I'm having trouble finding the right word, Substitutions welcome)


    Your thoughts on FEAR?

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      I think fear is the father of caution, and caution is also known as smart.



        I don't think fear should paralyze people, but it is a valuable thing to have. For example, a few months ago there were two students who were participating in the adult ed program at our college. They were, and I use the term loosely, adults. One guy was big; one guy was small. The big guy threatened the little guy. They went on break and had a word or two in the hall. The little guy immediately punched the big guy right in his nose. A struggle ensued. In the process of sorting things out, I interviewed both individuals, seperately of course. The big guy was embarrassed and angry. The little guy apologized and said, "Sir, I just want to tell you... You can look at me and tell that I am much smaller than the other guy. And I will tell you that I have had my ass whipped before. I wasn't going to take an ass whipping today without getting at least one punch in. I was scared, and I acted." They both suffered consequences for their actions, but I completely understood the little guy's actions, right or wrong.