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Missing the Warmth Mondaily (Read 265 times)

Occasional Runner

    Good morning Trailers!


    Just finished 20 miles on the bike and will head out for 7 or 8 miles on the trails. More snow falling in the Wasatch Front this morning and 20 degree weather. 


    QOTD: How far along are you with your Christmas shopping?


    I haven't even started yet...

    7/27- Virtigo Night Run 41M

    8/2- Jupiter Peak

    8/9- El Vaquero Loco 50k

    8/16- Leadville 100

    9/5- Wasatch 100


      I would love to have 20 degrees. It was a feels like temp of -10 this morning at 3:45 in IA. That forced me indoors to do 10 miles.


      QOTD - I don't know how far I am with my Christmas shopping. My wife has done it all because I always screw it up Smile


        Good morning everyone!  I'm enjoying the cold right now.  We finally got a decent layer of snow on Friday, and I'm hoping we'll get a bunch more.  After growing up in SoCal, living somewhere where we have 4 real seasons is great and I like them all.


        Mondays are rest days for me.


        QOTD:  I'm not really big into holiday shopping.  Compulsory gift giving has never much appealed to me.  My SO & I decorated our house with colored lights & big, colorful ice balls, and we also have a tree in the house making everything smell nice.  We will probably see a choir, maybe a play, and will attend some holiday parties, and generally just enjoy the season without going to the mall.  (However. if I had kids, I'd spoil them rotten on Christmas!)


          68*F and torrential downpour. It is almost like a race day; I may run tonight. I don't know. Last week I did some fast running, and I took a couple of days off because I had some really tight calves. Feel good now, trail half marathon this coming weekend.


          Lace: 20 is cold but better than 68.

          Messenjah: If I was in Iowa, I would probably be deer hunting if the season is still open.

          Sug: We have four seasons down here: Hot, Hot and Muggy, Hotter and Muggier, Hottest and Muggiest. Enjoy the weather.


          QOTD: We are done except for a few last minute gifts.


          Refurbished Hip

            I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and may have snuck in a few short running segments a few times.  Baby steps.  Today is the start of rest week #6.


            QOTD: I have absolutely zero Christmas shopping to do.  So I guess I am done!

              Hey, all. Rest day here.


              lace_up: Gotta love the snow! 


              Messenjah: With the right clothes, -10 isn't too bad. Although 10 miles in it might begin to suck.


              sugnim: Enjoy the rest--and the snow.


              LB: 68F in December? That's just wrong.


              Mandy: Good to hear you got a few bits of running in. Just don't hurt yourself!


              QOTD: Got two presents for the husband today, ordered some stuff for the kid and it came last week. I might send boxes of Finnish candy to relatives in the States (and I suppose I'd better hurry if I do!). So not a ton left to do.


              Faster Than Your Couch!

                Good Morning,


                Dentist appointment this morning, so there goes my run. I'm tired anyway, so a rest day might not be too bad today. Or perhaps a run later.


                lace_up: Nice morning workout. I'd love to have some snow!


                messenjah: Oops, cold! Indoors sounds good to me, especially after yesterday's frost run.


                sugnim: I love the four seasons. Especially the one in Honolulu!


                LB2: The 68 sound good to me, less the downpour. Hope it will lighten up soon!


                Mandy: I hope your injury will respond to the break and go away. 6 weeks sounds very long to me.


                majope: Enjoy the rest day! You are still my hero for the "toughest runner award"!



                QOTD: We need to shop for Christmas? Must have missed the memo...


                Hope your start into the new week will be a good one!

                Run for fun.


                  I brought my running bag along today but I really should take a rest day. I'll have a debate with myself and see how the day plays out. Would probably be nice to run in the woods again on the crunchy snow. Suppose it is now time to dedicate a pair of shoes to the sheet metal screws.


                  Messenjah--10 miles indoors. OMG!!  I simply can't imagine.


                  Mandy-- Baby steps is good.


                  Majope-- I probably watch too many old, bad movies but reading your post yesterday about getting lost I was visualizing you wandering across the border into the "evil empire" and getting chucked into a gulag as a spy. All in black and white.




                    Rest day here. I'm in NYC for part of the week, so I'll get to run some of my old routes. Nice change of pace!


                    QOTD: I'm done. I don't do much shopping--just for my mom and nieces and nephews.


                    Wandering Wally

                      Morning all!  Rest day for me today.


                      QOTD - Once I order the new LCD television and a Roku box from Amazon, I am done.

                      Run!  Just Run!


                      Trail Runner Nation Podcast

                      Irish Luck

                        Yoga tonight!  Glad to get my stretch on. 


                        QOTD: I'm about 85% finished, as all of my online shopping is done. I'm heading out on Thursday with some girlfriends for a "ladies shopping night" in our little downtown shopping district.  Next is the time for paper cuts...lots of wrapping to be done over a few days/nights.

                        BT survivor since 2003. Trail runner since 2009.

                        I think brain surgery stimulated my running nerve and made me into a trail runner. I'm grateful for both.


                          I did a ladder run at Unit PT. 1 lap followed by 5 pushups and 10 situps, then 2 laps followed by 10 pushups and 20 situps. Continued this until 7 laps. For the pushups situps, we went until failure then reset back to 5 and 10. I tried to take it easy on the laps because I'm starting Pfitzinger's 18/55 tomorrow. I'm a little scared of this program at the moment. I'll see how tomorrow goes then re-adjust from there.


                          Computer Geek

                            15 good miles yesterday has left me tired and a little sore today.   I plan on getting out this evening and getting in a few recovery miles.   Those runs always seem to suck when I leave the house, but by the time I'm back home, I feel way better.


                            qotd:  I have just two things left to buy for the wife....other than that, we are completely done.


                              Morning trailers! 

                              slept in this morning, so I'm planning for 4 or 5 mi tonight while my boys are in the pool.  I'm finding weekday running difficult this winter... I hate running in the dark because it means roads.  or treadmills.


                              qotd:  about 50% there, but I keep it pretty easy and simple (read: no malls).  We also travel for the holidays, so I often wait to buy on location rather than hauling stuff halfway across the country. 


                              Thread killer ..

                                I took a bad step on Saturday , in my house , my knee is very unhappy . I'm going to try and walk a few miles with my dogs but my horseshoer is coming today which involves standing for hours holding horses . Sometimes it seems this injury recovery is several steps forward then just as many back ...


                                QOTD : I have bought only booze so far which I give to my horseshoer and my favorite salesperson at Feed Store .