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Horsey lady mad I was on "THEIR" trail. - UPDATE (Read 72 times)


    A beautiful morning for a run, and then I had an encounter with some horsey people.  3 miles into my run, I came to a gate and 4 horses with riders (1 woman, 3 men) were blocking my way.  I walked up and announced my presence by saying a good morning and asked if I could get by.  They moved to the side but I could tell were not happy to see me, and when I said good morning again, I got no response.  So on my way down a logging road and 1 mile later I hear gallops quickly approaching from behind.  Three horses were moving at a full run and I jumped off the left side of the road, just as the lady in front yelled "get out of our way".  I of course immediately got my Irish up and yelled "fuck you, share the trail you fat fuck" (I was very surprised I dropped two f-bombs, as it just came out).  She slowed down turned around and gave me a dirty look and then went on her way.  Then the fourth rider came up at a slower pace and I stopped him and asked what was up with the woman.  He said she told the group she wanted to scare me for being out on "their" trails but that he wanted no part in it.  He said she hated mt. bikers and hikers and I reminded him we were in a mixed use trail system, and he agreed.  He gave me her name, and after my run I stopped by the Rangers office (a friend of mine) and reported her activity as being potentially dangerous,  The Ranger knew her, and said they had another complaint about her last year, and he was going to contact her. WTF.


    99% of the people I see in the woods are happy and friendly, so I just can't figure what's up when I come across someone like this.  I do regret cussing her out (and mentioning her weight), but it gave the Ranger a good laugh.


    Sandy - I'm sure you daughter would never act like that, and nice story and pics.


      Holy c***!  (oops, sorry for cussing).  Nice handling of the situation (I would have yelled something quite similar, I'm guessing) and I'm hoping she gets an earful or worse, from the ranger.  NPS?   I'm always careful around horses on our mixed use trails, stopping and stepping aside is self preservation.  I'm always appreciative when the riders say 'thank you' (and notice when they don't).


      It really only seems to take that 1% to ruin it for everyone.


        Yeah it's a shame.

        People in generally just seem to be getting more and more disrespectful.


        I passed some horse people on our local rail trail about a month ago. It was way too soft for horses to be out there and they left huge divets for miles. I don't think they really even knew how much damage they were doing to the rail trail.  I don't know much about horse people, would more experienced ones steer clear when it's soft?


        Also just fits in with dogs on trails. I love dogs. I don't love them when I'm running and they charge towards me. I wouldn't want to disrupt someone else's run by letting our dog run free on the trail. And most trail I run states that animals must remain on their leash anyway.  Just don't think that's courteous to other trail users.

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          Although I don't see a lot of horses and riders on the Valley Forge trails, I've never encountered anything like that. They've also respond very well to common courtesy and politeness.

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            NPS?   I'm always careful around horses on our mixed use trails, stopping and stepping aside is self preservation.  I'm always appreciative when the riders say 'thank you' (and notice when they don't).


            It really only seems to take that 1% to ruin it for everyone.


            Michaux State Forest in PA.


            The overwhelming majority of my encounters with horse and riders has been positive.  This was just wrong lady on the wrong day.


            The logging "trail" I was on is designated mixed use.  ATV and snowmobiles can use it from the End of deer Season until 3/31.  Horses can use it 4/1 until the Start of  Deer Season.  Bikers, runners and hikers can use it all year.


              I'm not quite sure what gets into some of these horse people. Last year someone took down flags that had been put up for one of the trail races. I knew the course had been flagged several days before the race. I was on the trail the day before and the flags were removed so I was able to let the RD know. I saw fresh horse poop but no Mtn bike tracks so I'm sure it was the horse people.

              Several years ago some of the horse people were at the center of a controversy over trail usage on the State Game lands. The Mtn bikers and hikers were working fairly good with the Game commission and the horse people started acting like idiots claiming to have more rights then the hunters.  Ended up with a ban on non hunters using the trails, not sure if that has changed or not.


              I do have to say that I had a very positive experience last year at the Blues Cruise 50k with the horse riders. Everyone was very respectful of each other.

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                Reminds me of how horseriders behave in good old Europe (or Austria, for that matter). But I've never encountered anything like this in America.


                This is actually dangerous behaviour, and I'd have reported her, too.


                For horses leaving the trails wrecked, well, I guess if it's a mixed use trail, we'll have to deal with it. I like it about as much as I like the tracks that mountain bikers leave behind, terrible for running. But on the same account, I got mad when I encountered miles and miles of foot-deep footsteps in a packed-snow trail, in the middle of the narrow trail, so that it was almost unrunable.

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                  That scenario had potential to be alot worse, I'm pretty sure the horse would have avoided

                  actually running over you but you never know. That's bs that the woman did it on purpose, at

                  least one of the riders wasn't a complete asshole-that's good.


                  I don't encounter horsey people on trails around here; but ran past them all the time around the Mt. Diablo

                  trails in the bay area. They were always nice, and I always slowed so that the horse had a visual of me

                  before I passed. I can't stand when people get so territorial about open space; in your own backyard I can

                  understand but on trails it doesn't make sense.

                    Sounds like she deserved what she was called.

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                      Most of our horse folks (one exception, whom I've never met) are pretty friendly, and we've worked on educating people about etiquette on mixed use trails. The bulk of our users are foot or bike so were never aware about talking to the horse as you approach so it knows what you are. Some of the greener horses still need to learn about bikes, etc. and some of the horse people will ask to work with the bike people, esp one hauling a trailer with chain saw, so their horse will learn. Last weekend was puppy-training weekend as people got their young'uns used to other people, dogs, and all the exciting smells as the snow melts. Wink  (sorry, that kind of migrated away from main thought)

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                        I have to say that I have never had an experience like yours, and I run on horse trails a lot.  But if I do...  I only hope that I will be as eloquent and understated a speaker as you so obviously are...  I love it.  I do hope that the rangers give her an earful as well, although I suspect they will have to keep the f-bombs out.


                        Sounds to me that you did everything right in your first encounter, trying to avoid startling the horses and riders is key.  Especially on a mixed-use trail.


                        I think my DD totally gets it because we have ridden/run together a lot, plus she has started trail running herself.  She also rode Vermont 100 a few years ago and loved that the riders and runners were together (we hope to both go back and do it together at some point.)



                          Wow, AT-runner, what a bad experience.  Glad you were able to get her name and report her.  Its amazing how rude some people can be.  Thankfully most are nice, and I've never experienced people being that rude on the trails.


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                            I have to say the horse folks here can be quite insensitive, or they can be wonderful. Full disclosure, we live around horses and horse trails are a real part of the community and character of the town. All public trails are multi-use, and horses and hikers/runners are allowed (no mtn. bikes)


                            A certain segment of the community has access to private trail easements that are equestrian only. One of them goes through the property we live on, and people walk or run all the time.


                            That being said, often horse riders are disdainful (or fearful) of runners/hikers since they can spook a horse (rogue mtn. bikers have caused accidents on these trails). I always stop and walk past after announcing myself or let the horse pass, which is not always ideal if you have been running up a climb for a few miles and have a few more to go.


                            I have never been threatened, but I have had some heated conversations whenever anyone suggests it is their trail.


                            Glad you are ok.


                            FYI, the map of the inside trail race they held today (below) shows a good portion of the trails I run on.

                            Yesterday I ran to Wunderlich Park, up and across Skyline, and down through Phleger Estate (indicated on the map but not shown)




                              Sounds to me that you did everything right in your first encounter, trying to avoid startling the horses and riders is key.  Especially on a mixed-use trail.


                              I saw them before they saw me, so I did what I always do and stopped running and then announce that I coming up.


                              AK - We had a trail education seminar a few years ago, and I learned a lot about how to approach a horse.  The seminar was mostly about what mt. bikers and horse people should do when on the same trail.  Mt. bikers were advised to dismount and walk their bikes past the horses.

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                                A horse carrying a fat woman? I would have ran after them all the way to the trailer and taken my time with a very uncomfortable confrontation. It would have been the last time she rode on my trail.

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