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24 Hours of HOSTELity race report (Read 52 times)

    Hey everyone!  Here's my race report for the 24 Hours of HOSTELity event that I participated in this past weekend in Dahlonega, Georgia as my first ultra event of the year.


    24 Hours of HOSTELity


    My IT band is still recovering after my fall races, so I finished 32.5 miles in just over nine hours before calling it a day.  This fixed-time event consists of a 0.65-mile loop with 100 feet of elevation.  The trail consists of long gradual switchback hills for most of the loop before abruptly dropping down a steep descent.  The views of the mountains from the hill crests are pretty amazing!

    under a rock

      Sounds like a nice day in spite of your ITB. Unfortunately, I am too familiar with ITB issues. I definitely think that race shirt makes it worth the pain!

        Finally got around to reading this; great job Jason!  Sorry to hear you were dealing with ITB issues, but good call on cutting it "short."

        Upcoming races: 3/28-29 Umstead 100, 4/26 Mt. Si 50, 5/9 Lost Lake 50K, 5/16 Sun Mountain 50,



          Just saw this, Jason.  Always enjoy your RR's.  You should cross-post this on Trailer Trash.