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Trail Ultras on Sundays within 5 hours of Tennessee (Read 51 times)

Nashville Dog Runner

    Hi.  I am wondering if anyone knows of any Ultras on Sundays.  I have to work every Saturday and can't bail on my work commitment.   I've already checked the utrarunning massive database.  There's nothing around Tennessee.  Thanks for any help that you might be able to offer.  Happy Running.


      Well it depends on what side of TN you are on but the Dogwood Canyon 50K is on Sunday October 20, 2013.  It's 5.5 hours from Memphis..

      Nashville Dog Runner

        Thank you so much!  I went to their website and it sounds like a lot of fun, wet, and dirty running!  Much appreciated.


          Check out the GUTS race calendar. They have a number of Sunday races in North GA. 5 to 7 hours from NW TN.


          In mid March, Fall Creek Falls 50K is on Sunday.

          Nashville Dog Runner

            Thanks Ben!