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Trail Running near Denver (Read 61 times)

    My boyfriend and I are seriously considering a big move out to Denver this upcoming summer. Obviously, one of my biggest considerations in a move will be where I can run. I know there are some serious trails out in Colorado (duh) but having never been out there, I'm curious to hear about the proximity of trails to Denver proper. I know there are plenty of running/bike paths in the city, but I'm more concerned with trails as I plan on training for a few ultras next year.  How far does one have to drive to get to some good trails?

      Depends on where you live... Denver metro is huge.  If you're on the west side, you may not have to drive at all!  Within 1-2 hours you've got 1000s of miles to choose from.


      Not a bad place to live.  Not bad at all.


      It's sunny 300+ days a year too.  Smile