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Whose got snowy trails by now?? (Read 258 times)

running under the BigSky

    my last couple of runs the snow has been ideal, settled to ~ 2-3"- it's like running on a padded surface- perfect!


    Don't Fence Me In 30k 5/9  missed my sub 4 hour

    Bob Marshall Open 5/23-???(26)  Wowsers!

    Pengelly Double Dip 13.1 miles & 3000' 6/6  PR yeah!

    Beaverhead 55k 7/11 ran w/ NH, another Wowsers! :)

    Devils Backbone 50 mile relay-maybe w/ NH  7/18- very nice run!

    Elkhorn 50k 8/1   DNF or a 24 mile training run depending&

    Jeff F

    Free Beer

      We are getting our first snow right now.  Supposed to get 1-3 inches tonight.


      I am joining a group in the morning for a 10 mile trail run...can hardly wait.



        We finally got some snow today, hopefully I can go for a trail run this weekend.

        *Do It For Yourself, Do It Because They Said It Was Impossible, Do It Because They Said You Were Incapable*


        5k - 24:40 (7:57 min/mile pace) 

        10k - 54:39 (8:48 min/mile pace)

        15k -1:21:34 (8:46 min/mile pace)

        13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

        26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 



          My last post was pretty pessimistic about the snow.  We've had plenty of snow since then.  In fact, it snowed just about all day today.