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    So, this isn't about running. But I have to gush to you anyway. I went backpacking this weekend and did a three day loop trip of the Pemigewasset Wilderness Loop ( in the White Mountains. Our second day was 14 miles that took us 12 hours with stops, in total the trip was 31 miles and 8 four thousand footers. (Keep in mind that we were carrying 'full' packs -- which are prob. a little less than a third of our respective bodyweights) That's a lot of contour lines, my friends. We planned our long day perfectly. Hit the first peak as the sun was rising (GORGEOUS), and we were boiling dinner as the sun set. GU tastes amazing at mile 10 of a hard hike, I never knew I liked the stuff so much. Everything is beautiful up above treeline. I love ridgewalking so much. In general we were really smart about stopping and eating and drinking when we needed to, instead of waiting until we were too stupid to make decisions. It totally kicked my ass. I'm avoiding stairs. I am more sore than I have been in the last two or three years**. Holy lactic acid batman. I also twisted my ankle a couple times, and my knee started acting up at the end -- not sure when I'm going to run again. Today, more water and Ibuprofen. Dayum. **Includes period of time where I trained for a half marathon, and two other backpacking trips -- one in the Biig Sur, one in the Whites.

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      That sounds like a blast, Imogene! I've never been backpacking before, but would love to try sometime. Now on to the ibuprofen!! Big grin

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        Good job Imogene! Yeah, those White Mtns are tough! I grew up in NH looking at those mtns a lot! I've day hiked some of them and 2-3 years ago accompanied my significant other on a Presidential Traverse. Granted we weren't carrying nearly the load you were. We went from Rt2 to Rte 302 in a day and bagged 11 peaks including Mt Washington. Sounds like a great trip and worth the pain (hopefully nothing too hurt). Feel better soon! Kelly
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        dork.major dork.

          Thanks everyone! I'm feeling much better! I went for a slow run yesterday, I think I finally found the definition of "recovery jog", it was 90 seconds slower than my normal pace, and my first real run will be today. My knee is still a little cranky, but I think that it's part of my hip/ITB problems -- which just means a little bit more discipline about stretching and strengthening. MTA: Kelly - I was going to do a Presi Traverse this summer but we were lightning-ed out. It's still on my to-do list though.

          Reaching 1,243 in 2008 -- one day, one week, one mile at a time.

            Sherpa John runs it regularly. Tough run.
            "Run slowly, run daily, drink in moderation, and don't eat like a pig" Dr. Ernst Van Aaken. Sorry ultrasteve.


              You must have been there the same day as my SO and his friend (actually the day after the race up Mt Washington) were there. They came home with some lightening stories-something about hiding behind rocks and running quickly across to the next hiding place.....this prickly feeling in the air...... Big grin
              If you never go fast, you'll never go fast.