Barefoot Runners


Winter-time barefoot experiences? (Read 51 times)


    It's getting cooler. Starting to think about when to wear shoes more and more. Ran 13.1 for a PR 9/27 barefoot. Then ran 10 miles at night barefoot in Disney the night of 10/5. No PR, but good run. The HM was about 40 degrees at the start, seemed pretty comfortable.

    RUN SAFE.     Barefoot 1st: 6/9/13. PR: 5k=22:50 10k=47:46 HM 1:51. FM 4:28


    --8/17 Canton Lobster Loop 5k -((with speed or with son?))  -  


    Sun 9/7 - 6am (volunteer- Womens TRI)  -


    Sat 9/27 (scheduling conflict) Hogsback HM -


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