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First Blood (Read 400 times)

    No, not the Stallone movie - though I have seen that on t.v. quite a bit lately.


    Today, after a week or so off from BF running, I went out and did another mile.  It felt good, but about halfway back on the return loop I felt a sharp pain  on my left arch.  After a few steps it didnt go away so I stopped and reached my hand down - there was something sharp sticking out of my foot.  I didnt even really try to see what it was but instead pulled it out and tossed it aside and finished up my mile.


    As I started putting my shoes back to drive to the gym, I did decide to look at the spot where the pain had been.  There was a big glob of blood there.  I grabbed the closest thing I could to a tissue - an old visor that was in my car - and applied pressure to stop the bleeding.  Afterwards I felt the area and it didnt feel like anything was still in there, but there was a small cut on foot.


    I have done a lot of barefoot runs (well, okay some barefoot running - not a lot compared to most people here) and never had a cut before.  I've had blisters, but this was my first blood that I have shed in my barefoot running endeavor. 


    It feels kind of like a rite of initiation or something.

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      It feels kind of like a rite of initiation or something.


      That's right - it's just a matter of time before that proud moment arrives to officially initiate us.  My moment(s) came when I finished a run and felt something still on my foot.  It was a jagged piece of acorn shell that had embedded in my skin.  Then a week later I found a staple hanging out of my foot.  All very minor compared to the PF and shin splints I suffered with regular running shoes.



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        Barefoot running is bad, mmmmkay? 

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          Speaking of first blood, this story was just posted at Runner's World about a barefoot runner. But frankly, many people wearing shoes also get bit by snakes, so I don't consider this a deterrent.








            Barefoot running is bad, mmmmkay? 

             Did I start a new catch phrase for whenever someone get's hurt barefooting?