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What my feet look like after one year and 1160 miles (Read 408 times)

    Add a couple hundred miles if you count minimalist footwear (I don't):


    Anniversary, shmanniversary. Gotta run. Josh
      The interesting part is that you can actually see you arch. It is very defined. Now that I look at my feet, I can say that mine are becoming more defined too. I apparently have really high arches.


        Nah - that's gotta be after your shower.  They'd be dirtier than that after 1160 miles!


        Seriously, very impressive.  Good work.  I hope to someday get away from the bruised and smushed toes as well as you have.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

          ya got some nice toe separation there bro.

             I like to row, row, row my fake boat (Concept2 Model D)