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    Thought maybe we should start a new thread and talk about aerobic cross training or if we are starting to run slowly post mileage.  Sort of like the other forums.  Help us all move along in our recovery. 


    Did 28 miles on bike last week and 9 miles this morning.  Still trying to get into the bike thing but found our I live with lots of hills so can't really open up the speed.  Not running but does get me out of the house. 



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      What helped me out last year was joining this group - 1000 miles running/ 1000 miles biking. It really helped keep me motivated with the bike XT.

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        Morning Cheryl,


        I belong to the 1000 mile run group.   I suspect too late in the year for the1000 mile run/bike group now even though I  am riding more.  Joined anyway just to see.  Noticed no pace bunny for the group anyone send a note to Eric?


        Did 9 miles on the bike this morning after 2 days rest while on vacation.  Tried to x-train but hotel fitness center not best nor convenient.  So trying to make up difference. 


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